The 4 Secret power of sunlight

The 4 Secret power of sunlight

By Diptimayee Parida | Bangalore July 23, 2017

The nature has given many things for the benefits of human. One of it is sunlight. It has an efficient germ killing capacity. Before medicines, sunlight was used for healing wounds. Without sunlight man loses physical strength and all the life on earth is impossible.

In ancient time, doctors used sunlight as healer for the treatment of bone diseases and lungs infections. Sunlight is the most important source of vitamin D for the requirement of the human body. Your skin makes vitamin D only 5 to 15 minutes, when keeping yourself on direct sunlight, and we should do 3 to 4 days in a week.

sunlight and vitamin D
  • Sunlight as a stress reliever:
    Daily 10 to 20 minutes walk in the sun , it clears your head, relieves stress and increase circulation.


  • Improves immune system
    The sun rays improves the function of our immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells which primarily fight against the diseases.


  • It makes bone strong
    As you get the sufficient amount of vitamin D from sunlight, it help you to absorb calcium for your intestine. calcium is required for strong bone and teeth.


  • Food sources
    Sunlight exposure is the only way which can get us vitamin D because there are only a few naturally occurring food source of vitamin D, most of which are high in fat.


Sunlight has a power to lower blood cholesterol and decrease the chances of heart diseases. Most of the diseases are effective during winter as we get low sunshine during these days .So sunlight is the natural healer.

Hence, Sun is otherwise known as the source of all possible energies available on earth. And the helping effects of sun can not be avoided. 


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Good One. It's interesting to know about Sun. Really appreciated.