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Neelam Saturn stone | Benefits & Disease Cure | Blue sapphire | Rudraksha

Blue Sapphire and diseases cured with it      

Original sapphire should have inclusions visible
blue sapphire ring

Disease cure by BLUE SAPPHIRE



About Blue Sapphire

     Blue sapphire is also known as Neelam. This is found in kashmir. Very good quality stone are seen as having signs of slow crystalization. Natural sapphire and synthetic ones, both are available in the market. Original sapphire should have inclusions visible to the naked eye or maginifying glass staring.





Why is it worn ?

     It has very good effect on human body and mind. It works very positively within few days of wearing. Within few days or few hours of wearing this stone, it is seen people getting their many financial problems solved, prosperity increased etc. But before wearing this stone, care should be taken in choosing.


Astrological significance of Neelam / Blue sapphire

     This represents the shani graha/ planet. Worn for benefits or easing problems caused because of saturn planet. If saturn is found to have positive / benefitial effect as per analysis of kundali then blue sapphire is recommended to wear for removing most of the problems occuring for the karaka.


Diseases cured by wearing blue sapphire

  • Removes psychological & nerve related problems.
  • Mad like actions, development of bigger pimples of similar, kidney issues, skin diseases, Urine issues, many problems related to stomach are easily aided on wearing such.
  • Blood impurity and diseases caused from that are eased.
  • All problems related to skin.
  • Malaria disease curing.
  • Couph, severe fever like diseases cured.happy wearing neelam
  • Works astonishingly good for unknown diseases.
  • Cures many issues related to stomach. 

Rudraksha as alternative to Blue sapphire

     Rudraksha has many positive effect on human body and psychology. Rudraksha works wonderfully from the day of wearing. 7 mukhi rudraksha is worn for saturn and have many disease curing capability similar to neelam.




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Diamond benefit uses | Astrology for Venus | Wear heera

Diamond benefit and usage      

Diamond is worn for good effect of sukra.
diamond use & benefits


 is for Venus. Venus is also known as sukra. Diamond is worn for good effect of sukra. For problems or issues related to sukar or venus, diamond can be recommended.


Diseases cured with diamond

          Sexual diseases, problems related to private organs, problems related to eyes, diabetes etc are eased when diamond is worn. For lethargic feeling or energy less feeling, diamond wearing surely helps.

Astrological benefits of diamond

          It brings luck and auspicious time for the wearer. This can lead to a life of prosperity, happiness and fullness. It can bring both physical health and mental gain.

          Marriage related issues or late marriage conditions are eased with wearing of this beatiful stone. It brings attraction power to the wearer leading to marriage and happiness.

Ayurvedic significance

          This is very beautiful in look. It brings power, energy, sex energy, sexual activeness, energy enhancer. Can be used for Baat, Pista & Kapha controlling/balancing. Bagandara or prameha diseases are cured. For all such diseases, it is recommended to wear.

Who can wear diamond

          It can be worn based on the astrological analysis of birth chart of the karaka. If venus if found to be auspicious planet, as per birth chart, then only it is recommended to wear/use.

Rudraksha as alternative to diamond

          6 mukhi rudraksha has all the benefits, compared to diamond. Rudraksha power is felt immediately on wearing.

wear diamond

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