Kantha is the Sanskrit word and Kantha meaning throat or Gala. When a special Kantha mala is made, it is a mala (a string of Rudraksha beads) which is traditionally strung together in wool. 

Also kantha can be made with thread, gold, silver. It is a beautiful mala because of the number of beads and the spacers in between. It is highly powerful focusing more on the early benefit from the mala.

Kantha consists of same bead multiple times. And the benefits are multiplied to give early result.

We have 1 mukhi Kantha mala, 2 mukhi Kantha mala, 3 mukhi Kantha mala, 5 mukhi Kantha mala, 6 mukhi Kantha mala etc. The most common one is the 5 mukhi kantha mala. The most sought after is the Gauri Shankar Kantha mala.

The Kanthas hold the divine vibrations of the ruling deity and the positive energy is circulated through each Rudraksha bead which reaches the Sumeru bead and from there it is passed on to the body of the person wearing it.

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Gauri shankar kantha

Gauri Shankar Kantha

A promising Gauri Shankar Kantha made of 32 number of Gauri Shankar Rudraksha and is made as per the old sacred writings, in fleece. This is a ground-breaking mix and is said to build up an association between the individual self and the super cognizance. It grows the universe of awareness and gets the wearer closer to heavenly nature.
6 mukhi rudraksha kantha

6 Mukhi Kantha

6 Mukhi Rudraksha Kantha (Karthikeya Kantha) is made of 32 + 1 quantities of Nepalese dabs of 6 Face or Mukhi with standard grade dots hung in Red Thread . It is related to Lord karthikeya and venus.
5 mukhi kantha rudraksha mala

5 mukhi kantha

The 5 Mukhi Kantha is for different reasons. It is said to have a positive effect in diminishing mental pressure. The 5 Mukhi Kantha comprising of calming quality Rudraksha beads, lifts the awareness in wearer. It contains 32+1 beads of 5 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha. It is made of uniform high evaluation beads hung in clean thread with woolen spacers.