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Sun in Astrology

sun in astrology

The sun is at the center of the solar system and is a star. It looks perfectly circular and is a plasma sphere. It is nearly 109 times bigger than that of earth. It is also called the hydrogen start where 99% + are made of hydrogen. It is the most important energy in astrological system.

Sun is the light that comes from withing, The thing that is behind all system. The energy source within each cell of living being. It symbols the universal life force.

It represents the spirit and soul. It is the consciousness within us. It also represents our power and strength, our ruling power, our gurus and our energy and spiritualism. Represents the self.

Those having good position of sun in their kundali, they tend to have good vitality and also have good vision and authority in their world. They need good recognition and acknowledgement from others. They have command and have authority power. They get attention and they bring the personality out when in authority.

Good sun position helps for healthy life and good power energy of the body. The planet governs the vital parts of the body which is head. It controls head, bone structure, constitution / digestion, voice   right eye for males ( left for females ).

With weak sun there comes heart problem, bone problems, BP, baldness, weak immune system, headache, weak eye sight.

Sun the father of the planets rules the kundali and bestows with all good blessings to the right person.


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