Surya power bracelet

Surya power bracelet helps to achieve administrative skills, commanding power and authority, this bracelet is very much helpful.
28,000.00 (INR) 20,000.00 (INR)

10mm bead rudraksh bracelet

Beautiful and nice looking bracelet made from 18 beads of 10mm size Indonesian rudraksha beads. The mala measures 3.250 inch circumference.
150.00 (INR)

5mukhi hand band

5mukhi hand band made with indonesian rudraksha beads. A five Mukhi Rudraksha have five natural lines from head to bottom. It is blessed by Lord Shiva. According to the Padma, Puran wearer rules out over all types of living beings.
550.00 (INR)

Bracelet 13

White sandalwood beads as spacers between red sandalwood beads holding finest quality rudraksha of both Nepali and Indonesian beads.
279.99 (INR)

java silver bracelet

The beads used in this bracelet are of Indonesia origin and are finely strung with best elastic thread. These are rudraksha seed beads.
800.00 (INR)

Protection Bracelet

Rudraksha protection bracelet is for the fashionable wearing and also for protection from all ill effects that may hurt us.
359.99 (INR)

Rudraksha spatik bracelet 1

The rudraksha spiritual bracelet is made with pancha mukhi Indonesia beads along with more numbers spatik beads as spacers with one Best quality Nepal bead.
279.99 (INR)

Triple bead rudraksha bracelet 1

Good and lustrous and beautiful bracelet made with three rudraksha beads and spatik beads and pancha mukhi Indonesia beads.
From 399.99 (INR)

Rudraksha bracelet - 3

Spatik beads of medium sized beads used for making such a beautiful bracelet.
299.99 (INR)

6 mukhi Rudraksha bracelet

Gives fame, wealth, luxury, pleasure, comfort. Widely used for sexual diseases, diseases of mouth,neck related, urinary problems.
250.00 (INR) 119.99 (INR)

5 mukhi Rudraksha bracelet

Mind remains calm and spiritual. Monitors blood pressure and cardiac ailments.
250.00 (INR) 101.99 (INR)

4 mukhi rudraksha bracelet

four mukhi rudraksha bracelet brings shinning intelligence, balanced mind, good speech power. Benefits of wearing four mukhi rudraksha bracelet are ...
250.00 (INR) 119.99 (INR)

Blood pressure Bracelet - 1

Bracelet for Blood Pressure, General Health, Memory enhancer, Diabetes, stomach disorders, also a general health guard against all diseases.
389.99 (INR)

3 mukhi Rudraksha bracelet

Quality teen mukhi rudraksha bracelet helps in solving all problems in life and brings in success.It controls stress and increases self confidence
459.99 (INR)

2 mukhi silver bracelet

Uniquely designed bracelet brings unity, calmness, better family life, good health for the wearer.
1,100.00 (INR)

        Rudraksha bracelet from ommrudraksha are made of genuine red sandalwood beads and best quality Nepali rudraksha bead. It is fashionable to wear. It has elastic thread inside for flexible operation and ease of wearing. The ornaments made from these beads comes as necklace or rings and we generally love the bracelets which is made with different color beads as spacers and with other natural wood seeds for easy display of style and passion.Rudraksha bracelets are made both for men and women with the chating of most precious saiva mantra. With different color of the rudraksha bead being available, the mixing of the bead with other color beads like chandan or sandalwood and other wooden beads make a beautiful combination.

Rudraksha bracelets are very precious which brings positive aura and protection