Natural Gemstone

White Sapphire Natural Gemstone

White Sapphire is an exceptionally straightforward, color less transparent, valuable gemstone of the Corundum mineral family. The transparent variety of Sapphire is caled White sapphire. Vedic crystal gazing suggests this gemstone as a astrological substitute of the diamond jewel.
16,675.00 (INR)

Natural Gemstone is a Natural Mineral or Organic substance which has critical Beauty, Rarity and Durability. Accordingly, Gemstones are Rare, Beautiful and Durable. So they are significant and increased in value by everyone.

Gemstones are needed and recognized for their Beauty, Healing Properties and Mystic Power. Gemstones are of two sorts – Organic and Inorganic Organic Gemstones starts from Living source. 

Inorganic Gemstones are minerals confined inside earth under standard conditions. Most by far of the gemstones are Inorganic.

Gemstones are furthermore described into Group, Species and Variety.

Social event: Set of Chemically related Species

Species: Gemstone varieties which are artificially same and complexity just on Color and Optical Phenomenon

Collection: All Varieties that have same Chemical, Physical and Optical Properties and differ just on Color and Optical Phenomenon have a spot with same Species.