The history of the real hero - Arjuna or Karna

A true personality without recognition

By Smruti Swagat Ray Mohapatra | Khandapada August 1, 2017

India is well known worldwide for its mysterious mythological cultures. It is believed to be the land of God. In several phases of time God has been taking incarnations in India for the establishment of “Dharma”. Indian culture has many mythological books one of them is “The Mahabharata”. The story of Mahabharata teaches every generation how to live life.

So from Mahabharata, we know that Arjuna and Karna were two great archers of that era. No other archers of that time were equal as them. It had been always a competition taking place between them in order to know who the best was. Most of the people consider “Arjuna” as the best archer of the world of that era. Because Arjun along with his brothers (Pandavas) won the Mahabharata battle. But Karna was not less capable also. He was able to defeat Arjuna without any super power, while Arjun was protected by Krishna all the time. Karna was struggling enough for respect and recognition.

karna or arjuna - who is the real hero


Karna was blessed with divine powers of God “Sun”. Though he was the son of kunti and God “ Sun” he was disrespected for being a son of chariot driver. The life of Karna teaches a great lesson for the young generations. He was a great person who always kept his promises. He was well known for his charitable works. He believed that charity is the best medium on earth in order to gain the blessing of God.

He struggled to gain the Knowledge of archery and got cursed by his teacher “Parshuram” on the basis of his birth rights. He was forced to stand by the side of “Duryodhan” only because of his promise and humbleness towards “Duryodhan”. Even after knowing that he was not with side of “Dharma”. His life teaches us how to repay a help with devotion.

Again before Mahabharata war he was emotionally blackmailed by Kunti to withdraw from war. But he did not leave his friend Duryodhan’s side, even after knowing that Pandavas were his brothers. He promised kunti that he will not kill any Pandavas except Arjuna because without Arjuna the war could not last long.

And Arjuna killed him by breaking the rules of war. At that time Karna had no weapons, he was trying to remove the stalked wheel of his chariot from ground. Pandavs, all the five princes were famous for five different qualities. Yudhisthir was famous for his knowledge of dharma ,Bheem was famous for his powerful body, Arjuna was famous for his Archery skill, Nakul was famous for his handsomeness and Shahdev was famous for his knowledge of Astrology. But Karna had all the five qualities of five pandavas together. In the war as promised his mother Kunti he defeated all pandavas except Arjuna and did not kill them.

Hence if we notice and research about the life of “ Karna”, it will be obvious that the actual hero of Mahabharata was “Karna” instead of “Arjuna”.

karna and arjuna fighting in mahabharat


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