About us

Welcome to Ommrudraksha.com. We are managing spiritual products and promoting its use. We both operate our physical shop and website. We are registered with govt of India as ommrudraksha as the entity name. We are specialized in different spiritual product making, selling, promotion and distribution of same.

All of our products are created with care, fully according to local laws and health regulation. You can use our products in your personal or commercial requirement. Right now we have many spiritual products and they were available online or at our shop. We regularly release new products. Follow us using the below channels if you want to be notified.

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About us - values, founder, chief operation, mission privacy

Our Staffs

Our competent and friendly staff can cope with any marketing tasks. we value our people. Please click on the link to read more on our Staffs


Our Values

The firm is founded with objectives -

  • To promote Rudraksha for the benefit of the people (make awareness)
  • To remove doubts and mysteries surrounding Rudraksha  
  • To supply good and genuine rudraksha.   
  • To enhance/build knowledge on the it's properties.

      This firm has been arranging workshops for awareness on Rudraksha. We have networks in Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar, Pune and Delhi. We specialize in best quality Rudraksha. We make different wearable items. All items are energized in accordance with the rituals.

We supply Rudraksha beads and malas (Certified and Energized), other related products, meditation items. Our product items mostly for Healing and Self Empowerment.

founder for ommrudraksha organizationfounder for ommrudraksha organizationFounder

      Mr B K Nayak with MRs Rashmita Nayak is the founder of this firm. She actively involves in social activities. The firm tries to make awareness on the benefits of Rudraksha. And thus started expressing through this website for the benefit of the people.

Chief operator in ommrudraksha.comChief Operation

      Mr. BK nayak, Graduate, is the C.E.O of this firm. He is trying to make rudraksha easily available through out the world. He wants people to get divine power through Rudraksha.

ommrudraksha rudraksha sales missionOur Sale Mission

      Our mission is to provide all consumers with the most relevant offers on rudraksha and save them from the cheap/fake buying. Our site is free to use and offers you the chance to communicate with others through forum and take advantage of many more articles. If you entered your data on a form, you will be contacted by our team either by email of phone.

ommrudraksha personal data privacy rulesOur personal data privacy

          Security of your/Customer personal data is important to us/our organization and we take your/customer privacy very seriously. You can contact us at anytime with questions relating to this. Please check our privacy policy document online for further details on this.

Our name as Ommrudraksha

           We are a registered entity with the Government of India as Ommrudraksha.

          A little more thought writing which inspired us to keep the name. We are proud to write about our self when it comes to the word "omm". Omm is a word which is always pronounced at every minute successful work. As an Indian we can say we are spiritual heavens among the world. Now Indians are most part of every successful work in the world. They are competing for the world’s wealthiest positions or worlds talented people discovering "zero" and many more. They can be anywhere in the world but when the word "omm" is uttered our head rises up. "Omm" is a sound of positivity, sound of inner call for every human body. "Omm" is a symbol of positive vibration to each humanly body. The symbol represents the power of long meditation.

          Where as Rudraksha is a blessing of god’s power and spiritual supervision. We can visualize Rudraksha at every spiritual Gurus neck, shoulder and wrist who are blessing every now and then to each human body to achieve the super vision and success. So we are proud to add "Omm" + "Rudraksha" that become "
OmmRudraksha" which can bless every human body to attain every divine and undermine success. The power of meditation, the power of blessing, the power of healing, the power of purity, the power of ancient Indian culture comes when it sounds "OmmRudraksha".

email/post to ommrudraksha.comContact us/rudraksha support

      Email: support@ommrudraksha.com