How to wear rudraksha

How to wear rudraksha

We all have generally doubts on rules while wearing rudraksha

          We all have generally doubts on rules while wearing rudraksha. Or to say "How to wear rudraksha".


          We have listed few bullet points which clearly mentions the do's for the bead wearing. How to wear rudraksha rules are listed as points below. Please keep these points in mind while you are wearing these beads for the first time. How to wear rudraksha doubts can be cleared just by following few rules of wearing it.

  1. For maximum effect, beads are worn for the first time, do prayer / puja / Pran-pritishtha / connection.
  2. You have to take bath with rudraksha called rudraksha snaan.
  3. It can be worn around the neck and wrist jewelry that in mind astrological influence of different Mukhi rudraksha for an individual.
  4. It can be kept in a sacred place that puja room to worship the god and goddess and chanting mantras.
  5. Both men and women of caste and religion can use rudraksha.
  6. It can carry a combination of all gems.
  7. One can also wear a pendant of a specific aspect of pearls.
  8. Clean your mala / beads regularly after an interval of 15 days. Dip in warm water. Hold for about half an hour, remove and just wipe with a soft cloth. Do not rub strongly or use wire brushes. Apply some mustard oil on the balls by using cotton.
  9. It should be kept in gold, silver or bright red / yellow wire well.
  10. A man who perform Vedic rituals, chanting mantras, etc. Yajna should wear rudraksha to get more fruit.
  11. People are on the deathbed can wear rudraksha around his neck or an arm in order to achieve spiritual salvation and good fate in the next birth.
  12. A man who wears this bead with pearls, Coral, Crystal, silver, gold or other precious stones, in the form of Lord Shiva. It is said that the devotee who worships Shiva in the form of rudraksha devotedly, becomes a king, despite being poor.
  13. Mala for wearing around the neck may be composed of 108 beads or 54 japa mala or can be as small as 27 beads. Kantha mala should be of 32 1 beads.
  14. There is a belief that a person wearing or worshiping bead 21 face will have his name and fame spread around the world for centuries.


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