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right handed conch - shankh in pujas

Right handed Conch

Right handed conch

In Hindu rituals shankh is blown for the announcement of a prayer begins and the sound usher freshness and new hope. Ankh literally means pacifying the inauspicious. The origin of conch shell took place during the samudra manthan. It is believed that during samudra manthan the first conch shell appeared and followed by goddess Lakshmi. People usually used shankh in pujas. Water collected in shankh is usually offered to the sun while worshiping sun.

How to gain Poise - the gate of Spirit
gain poise with rudraksha

How to gain Poise

Poise is very first step needed to enter the gate of spirit. Again, it is the last step before illumination. If we take the experience of the universe as permanent and eternal, there is no possibility of gain on poise. If you accept misery as something permanent in life, how would it be possible to retain balance in mind.

A person of spiritual understanding says that there are two universes, reality and the apparent universe, which is a misreading of that reality. We misread as we don't have the understanding to enable us to read correctly. You must have a total vision to estimate truly the nature of the universe in which we live.

To gain poise effectively and permanently, we must learn to devote ourselves steadfastly to God. If you are steadfastly devoted, poise come to your mind and the body and nerves, to every cell. You have heard the expression, “spiritualizing the body. " It isn't that the body can be made spirit and not decay, but it can be made pure. When you experience spiritual bliss, there is forgetfulness of the body.

So, in all conditions, in everything you sense and whatever you experience hold on to God. See that one reality everywhere. A moment will come when poise control and purity all become natural to you, and you don't have to try to control anymore. Your character and your life become such that you become a blessing to yourself and to others, without being conscious of it.

Rudraksha and gemstones bring some degree of balance so that wearer gets better control over mind.

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Nava Ratri is celebrated with spiritual interest and to get victory over Ravan on the tenth day
Nava Ratri
What is saligram
Holy Saligram
If possible, we can avoid Meat.
Treat animals as friends not food
Sunlight and ageing
 Sunlight and ageing
Sunlight and Ageing    

How sunlight affect human ageity


As we know sunlight acts as a remedy for many diseases.But excess sun exposure causes most of the visible aging of your skin.UV rays of the sun are the primary cause of wrinkles,pigmentation,sun spots and reduced the natural moister of the skin.The researchers proved that up to 80 to 90%of how young or old you look for your age is due to how much sun exposure you have sustained.The sun ray damages five major parts of the skin. This damage can cumulatively be termed dermatologists,and it involves the epidermis,dermis(solar Elastoplast)blood vessels,sebaceous glands and melanomas. If you look through a microscope at sun damaged skin cells,you can see actual breaks in the chromosomes where they have been damaged by solar radiation.This damage can lead to cancer.

Scientific studies have shown that excess UV exposure breaks down collagen and impairs the synthesis of new collagen.The sun also attacks on our elastin fibers.Without the skin's supportive connective tissue our skin loses its strength and flexibility.Then the sun makes us older.

There are a multitude of medical treatments that do to a certain extent,reverse the signs of skin aging.Understanding the harmful effects of the sun and modifying certain habits is key to preventing further damage and should be the first step towards rejuvenating your skin.