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what all about rudraksha bead
What is rudraksha ?

Is full of positive powers. A bead from a tree namely Utrasum. Scientifically known as Elaeocarpus ganitnus roxb. Beads have vertical lines numbering 1 to 21. These lines are called mukhi or face. There are 2 not normal rudraksh i.e. Gauri Shankar and Trijuti. These consist of more than one beads joined together. It can be worn on different parts of the body depending upon the requirement and significance. A real bead can also be recognized by feeling the energy frequencies emitted by it. If kept near us for sometime, then the effect can be felt. Can be worn around neck, on hand, around waist, on ear, on crown, above chest, on forehead. Benefits are felt on touching or seeing it. Number of beads to be worn are based on the requirement. Higher the number of beads, more the effect on us. Different number of beads in japa mala are used for various objectives like health, strength, wealth or desire fulfillment..

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How rudraksha beads are energized
What is energization ?

Energization or Invigorating is only to stir the intrinsic powers in a bead, associate with those energies and line up with the awesome vibrations from it. Being Lord Shiva's favoring for humanity, one may wear it on any Monday morning after shower, or on some other propitious day. While wearing recite "Om namah shivay" 9 or multiple times. One may even also chant the particular mukhi beej mantra 9 or multiple times, for further stimulating.h...

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How to measure the power of rudraksha
Power of rudraksha

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It fulfills all possible desires. Different faces or mukhi have special powers or benefits. Importance is given to special powers which are specific to particular mukhi. It is seen – people select particular mukhi bead based on their matching requirement to special powers. Energizing by chanting various prana pratista mantra makes the beads more powerful. Ritualistic use for Shiva puja or chanting Shiva panchakshari mantra, brings immense positive energy within the beads. The beads convert light frequencies of different colors from the universe into the body of man wearing it. Wearer can absorb the required positive frequencies of the universe making himself full of positive frequencies. Also these facilitate the activation of spiritual power within. This website is introduced by a group of intellectual people who got much benefit from them personally. All can get the benefits from these precious beads ...

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What all effect does it have after wearing
Effect of rudraksha

Beads give different type of effect based on number of faces. So different faces have different benefits. Generally used in a thread or worn as bracelet or as mala. Selection of color of the thread is purely the wearer’s choice. People of all age group can wear beads, malas or bracelet. Male or female both can wear it. Based on our experiences and also those from testimonials – we find that these beads give very prompt response/benefits. Use of these beads are for fulfilling impossible tasks, for specific shat karmas, as a remedy during illness, worshiping and spiritual gain.t..

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What is the origin of rudraksha and what are its power
Origin and myth

There are references on the origin of the rudraksh tree in Shiva purana. Shiva has narrated himself the story on the origin to Mother Parvati - "For thousands of years, i was on penance. I opened my eye and brought a desire to help the world. Some tear drops from my eyes fell. And from those tears, there came up rudrakshi plants. Slowly the plant was spread to different places". The tree is medium size in height. Mostly found in Nepal and some regions of Bhutan. Suitable beads are found on the Himalayas. All Shiva devotees and Sadhus wear rosary of this bead. Leaves of the tree become round and the seeds are the most popular round beads....

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How to do chanting and puja of rudraksha
Chanting and the bead importance

More significance with yoga

The Rudrakshi rosary is used for Shiva mantra chanting. The effectiveness of the mantra goes crore times powerful when chanted with this rosary. The mind gets concentration and the body feels easy when worn during Japam and meditation. There is no other ornament as holy and useful as this mala. All the beads have their own significance and please the god effectively when used for chanting. It is favorite bead of saivites. The importance is differentiated based on the faces of the bead. The wearer achieves dharma, moksha and artha. All who want to enjoy life and live a fearless life and fulfilled life need to wear this bead. It is great and has many medicinal values. ...

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