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1 mukhi

1 mukhi Indian

Consciousness and wealth is attained along with health energy and luck are bestowed. Gives control over senses to brings concentration.
Picture of Gauri Shankar Nepal

Gauri Shankar Nepal

It provides fertility. Brings unity, harmony, peace, good family life. Gauri Shankar Rudraksha represents unified form of Shiva and Shakti. Posses the power of 2 mukhi rudraksha. Improves relationships in family,friends. Helps in getting married and to have children. > Used widely for fertility and male power, emotional stress also.
blood pressure bracelet

Blood pressure Bracelet - 1

Bracelet for Blood Pressure, General Health, Memory enhancer, Diabetes, stomach disorders, also a general health guard against all diseases.
rudraksha bracelet 10mm bead

10mm bead rudraksh bracelet

Beautiful and nice looking bracelet made from 18 beads of 10mm size Indonesian rudraksha beads. The mala measures 3.250 inch circumference.
saraswati mala

Saraswati mala - Rudraksha

Saraswati mala brings knowledge health and will power to the wearer. This is most suitable combination for studies and concentration to students of all kind.
5 mukhi Silver Rudraksha mala indonesian

5 mukhi silver mala

Silver mala made with 5mm to 10mm Indonesia beads strung in pure silver wire with pair of circular silver capping for each rudraksha bead.
personal power mala rudraksha

personal power mala

Rudraksha mala giving best personal power and confidence building power to engage in day to day business and leadership activities.
prosperity mala

Prosperity Mala

Prosperity mala is also known as Wish fulfill mala or the one which fulfill your wish. It gives the mental and physical improvement
7 mukhi indoneisan 12mm

7 mukhi silver mala

7 mukhi 8 mm bead silver mala made of Indonesia beads of 8mm diameter strung nicely in silver caps and pure silver wire. Also known as Shani Rudraksha mala for Shani planet.
Protection bracelet rudraksha

Protection Bracelet

Rudraksha protection bracelet is for the fashionable wearing and also for protection from all ill effects that may hurt us.
rudraksha japa mala 27

Japa Mala 27+1 Nepal Beads

Rudraksha japa mala made with 27 beads of pancha mukhi rudraksha and one meru rudraksha. Properly made with the power and compactness of the mala in mind while making.
chkna mala one rudraksha

chikna mala one

Chikna mala contains beads from Indonesian origin and spatik beads and red sandalwood beads to make a beautiful fashionable mala.
Picture of Yoga combination mala

Yoga combination mala

Attractive and interesting mala and bracelet made for the peace of mind and body. Brings peace to inner mind and enhances knowledge on spiritualism.
sidha mala nepali rudraksha

Sidha mala (Nepali)

Siddha mala made with finest Rudraksha from Nepal are best to get all the benefits and blessings of lord Shiva. Chakra are cleaned and balanced.
Sidha mala indonesian

Sidha mala (Indonesian)

Indonesian Sidha mala for the benefit of sidha yoga and sadhya yoga effect for the wearer. To get all blessings that the rudraksha beads can bring.
rudraksha Sidha mala in gold

Sidha mala gold (Nepali)

Siddha mala manufactured with finest Rudraksha from Nepal tend to be perfect to acquire all the positive aspects and grace benefits of lord Shiva. Chakra are unquestionably cleaned as well as well-balanced.
Gauri shankar kantha

Gauri Shankar Kantha

A promising Gauri Shankar Kantha made of 32 number of Gauri Shankar Rudraksha and is made as per the old sacred writings, in fleece. This is a ground-breaking mix and is said to build up an association between the individual self and the super cognizance. It grows the universe of awareness and gets the wearer closer to heavenly nature.
Spiritual Hardware
1 mukhi rudraksha has many Precautions while choosing. There are problems wearing 1 mukhi chandrakar rudraksha. 1 mukhi rudraksha should be chosen with precaution.
Sun or surya is the main planet in Astrology. Importance of sun in kundali is much and Rudraksha can be worn for the bad position or negative effect of sun
Pearl has Disease cure capability. Importance or Benefits of pearl are related to Moon as per the astrology. 2 mukhi rudraksha used for Moon