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Sukra Venus | sukracharya & Rudraksha | 6 mukhi Rudraksha

Sukra or Venus for Marriage      

Sukra also known as bhrugu
sukra marriage god



          Sukra is also known as bhrugu. He is the great Bhrugu rushi/Rishi. He is a great Rishi/Saint. He is also good Astrologer. Sukracharya is the janaka/creator of Astology. Bhrugu sanhita is a creation of sukracharya. he is the well wisher of Demons or Ashuras. He is regarded as venus planet in astrology. His characters reseamble to venus planet work and characteristics. One can study the life and work of Bhrugu rishi for better analysis and understanding on Venus planet work. He is very angry in nature.


Venus & Rudraksha

          Venus is for marriage and good relations. Marriage is another name for creation and love. So venus is for love and affection. Raja shakti is the Raja or power. Venus rules the power of men. He is the creator of Raja or power. He brings wisdom & health.


Marriage & Venus & 6 mukhi rudraksha

          Sukra is for making new marriage or relations. It brings power and energy. That too controlled energy which enables for better control on temper and so a better marriage. Sukra in body brings attraction. Attraction leads to better relation. 6 mukhi rudraksha represents venus. So 6 mukhi rudraksha should be used for better relationship building and also for marriage. People wanting to marry prosperously or at better or suitable parner should choose 6 mukhi rudraksha.

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Vastu Remedy Rudraksha | Main Entrance Door | Remedies to Obstacles | Ganesha

First entrance door and vastu      

Remedy with Vastu - First entrance door
Ganesha rudraksha for vastu

Vastu Remedy & Ganesha Rudraksha - Main Entrance Door

          The main entrance door of the house represents the karta or the image of the person living inside. It should be clean, good, beautiful. From vastu point of view the main entrance door has highest importance for positive energy and power flow to the house.

          Main entrance door is the way through which all people will come inside house. Many people or visitors people can be in bad min or may come with cruel thoughts. The visitors may have wrong thoughts towards others. If these type of people come inside then with them there comes the negative energy inside the house. There can be bad energy flow coming with them which can affect the peace and harmony energy staying inside the house.

          Proverb is there like "Shadow of tree and bad thoughts of Human". These energy can have disastrous effect on the peaceful energy flow.


Ganesha Rudraksha  - Remedy for the Main entrance door

  • Keep one ganesha rudraksha at the main entrance door outside the house.
    • Also we can keep one ganesha idol at the entrance door facing outside.
  • Keep one Ganesha rudraksha at the inside of the house.
    • Also we can keep one ganesha idol at the inside of the house.

By keeping ganesha rudraksha at the house we can have remedy for main entrance door problem.


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Color & Vastu sastra | Importance of Color | Effect

Color and Vastu       

Importance of color - Vastu vieww
Color & Vastu - importance & benefits


          Color has different importance based on his effect on human mind and thoughts. Vastu means the Rules that should be followed for creating/arranging the living place and sorroundings.

          Without color, the life of human being is unfilled. Color attracts human beings. Color brings different thoughts on the mind of the people. It gives good or bad thoughts. Colorful flower attracts us to itself. Colorful dress also attracts us. A person wearing a charming dress makes us to get attracted and feel happy.

          Color gives happiness and freshness in our mind. The nature is full of colors. The nature attracts us because of it's different and types of color with it. Nature has given birth to color. And we are always attracted and feel peaceful with the nature. Without color, or colorless things or places are not attractive. Different color attracts different people. Different people are affected by different colors differently.

          With use of proper color, there can be increase in love, affection in the family. There can be balance in the thoughts of human being by use of proper color. Color brings peace and use of proper color can keep environment fresh and peaceful. Also color brings confidence and curiocity. Different color affects human beings differently. As per Vastu, the importance of color is immense in life. There should be proper analysis before decorating the sorroundings. This gives more importance on the effect of color in Vastu sastra.

          Color of Rudraksha do have importance to certain extent. The quality of rudraksha beads are reflected with it's color (rudraksha color) . But finding proper color of rudraksha and it's benefits are difficult becuase of the way of storage of rudraksha beads by the suppliers.


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Shiva Third Eye | Third nayan | Lord Shiva

Why Shiva opens third eye      

The human can see everything in this universe with this energy
Shiva's Third Eye



Shiva's Third Eye


          Shiva is known for his third eye which is located above the middle point of his eyebrows.  This eye position is regarded as a chakra in human body as per hindu vedas. This chakra is named as Anjna chakra. Anjna chakra means - the power of positive energy in our body. This chakra is awakened means the whole spiritual energy in the human body is now properly flowing.


          The enlightment of spirit is represented and centered at the position of Anjna Chakra. This energy awakening gives all power to the possessor . The human can see everything in this universe with this energy.


Shiva burns Maya from the world

          Shiva is regarded as the purest human existing. He is said to view everything in the universe. Shiva can see things in the past, also can control the present and that oo can see and predict the future. The anjna chakra is activated by the third eye.


          When Shiva is in fierce anger then The fierce light from his third eye is comes out so powerful and destructive. This energy from shiva's third eye is to destroy all that is unconscious, dark, and dualistic in this universe. Shiva’s third eye opens to end all Maya in this world.


Why Shiva Opens His Third Eye ?

                         To Remove Maya and Illusion from the world. 


Shiva's third eye removes maya from the world




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Pooja of Rudraksha | How to Energize Worship | Rituals
How to energize and do puja of rudaksha

How to worship and energize rudraksha

Offer Dhoop or Agarbati to rudraksha

The first process to start, it is important to make the environment beautiful with dhoop and agarbati.

Pooja of Rudraksha

Choosing an auspicous day.

  1. Monday is considered to be very auspicous day for doing puja of rudraksha.

  2. Puja / Worship of rudraksha can be done on any other suitable day also.

  3. Choose any asupicous day that the wearer feels suitable to him.

Please go through this simple process of Rituals for energizing rudraksha beads

Purifying Rudraksha bead.

  1. Wash / sprinkle pure water on rudraksha or rosary.

  2. Ganga water is also considered very auspicious and can be used here.

Applying sandalwood to rudraksha

  1. Make sandalwood paste.

  2. Apply it on Rudraksha.

  3. The sandalwood offering can be on another plate rather than directly on the rudraksha bead.

Offer Dhoop or Agarbati to rudraksha

  1.  Light one Dhoop bati.

  2. Offer Dhoop bati to Rudraksha.

Offer Carpoor to rudraksha

  1. Light Carpoor

  2. Offer Carpoor to Rudraksha

Offer flower to rudraksha

  1. Arrange some white flower or any other available.

  2. Offer flower to Rudraksha.

  3. Keep the flower on offering plate.

Touching Rudraksha to Shiva/ offering

  1. Worship to Shiva linga.

  2. Touch / Offer the Rudraksha to Shiva Linga.

Chant Omm Namah Shivaya

  1. Chant Omm Namah Shivaya 27 times.

  2. Do Pranam / give respect to Shiva.

The above process is a short way to do the Energization of Rudraksha beads. Energization of Rudraksha is seen as priority work before wearing rudraksha for the first time. This worshipping of rudraksha can be done monthly basis to keep the power of rudraksha up and active. 

How to Energize Rudraksha ?

Follow the above simple process for Energizing rudraksha beads. The above puja can be elaborated and done in broader way. Here we have described only the simple and short way to do the puja yourself.