Important Facts That You Should Know About Sunlight And Vitamin D

Sunlight And Vitamin D

By Diptimayee Parida | Bangalore August 3, 2017

Vitamin D is one of the most essential vitamin our body needs. These are very necessary for healthy bones,teeth and muscles. Human body need vitamin D for absorbing calcium and phosphate from our diet. Lack of vitamin D causes the diseases - rickets in children and it can lead to osteomalacia which causes bone pain.

The body can only store a limited amount of vitamin D at a time .A Person can not store more vitamin D by spending more time in sunshine. It will increase the risk of skin cancer. So it is important to know how much sunlight is needed for a person. 10mcg of Vitamin D per a day is sufficient for a person for its daily internal organ activities.

sunlight and vitamin D

It is not exactly known how much sunlight is needed to make enough vitamin D to meet body's requirment.It depends upon your skin tone. Person with dark skin will need to spend more time in sun to produce the same amount of vitamin D as compared to a person with lighter skin. Every person should be advised to spend time in shade particularly 11am to 3pm. The babies under six month should be shown more time in direct sunlight. But the majority of people above 5yrs will get enough vitamin D from sunlight in summer or april to the end of september. But in winter the sun does not contain enough UVB radiation for skin to make vitamin D. During these months our body gets its vitamin D from food sources It is always remember that protect your skin before the time it takes you start turning red.

However, Vitamin D can also be obtained by consuming some foods like oily fish such as Salmon, mackerel, herring and sardines as well as red meat and eggs. Fruits like bananas consist a higher amount of Vitamin D. A person can also consume these diets in order to obtain a certain amount of Vitamin D if its body does not permit to the direct exposure towards sun.

Hence, as mentioned above, Vitamin D plays a vital role in our body organ mechanisms and it needs to be obtained in our body as per the required amount for an effective and healthy growth of the human body.


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