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Rudraksha according to moon sign          

Birth chart sign and rudraksha
rudraksha according to sign (moon sign)

Rudraksha can be worn by people suffering from negative effect of planets ( according to their birth chart ). Rudraksha is seen to neutralize of nulls the negative effects that are active because of various bad positions of the planets in native's chart. We are here discussing about the moon sign effect and recommended rudraksha that can be worn. There are various other ways by which we can choose rudraksha for a native. Currently we will emphasize on the moon sign house of the native. We will analyze the position of moon and the effect that is bringing to the native. Then we find out the best suited rudraksha for the person. Our recommendation is to wear rudraksha after energizing it. It can energized by following the following article on Energizing rudraksha beads. There can be a total of 12 signs and so 12 rashis rudraksha recommendation.

Wear rudraksha based on moon sign
MESHA1 mukhi, 5 mukhi
VRUSHABA4 mukhi, 5 mukhi / 14 mukhi
MITHUNA4 mukhi, 5 mukhi / 13 mukhi
KARKATAKA3 mukhi, 5 mukhi
SIMHA1 mukhi, 3 mukhi, 5 mukhi
KANYA4 mukhi, 13 mukhi
TULA4 mukhi, 6 mukhi, 14 mukhi
VRUSCHIKA3 mukhi, 5 mukhi, 2 mukhi
DHANNUS1 mukhi, 3 mukhi, 5 mukhi
MAKARA4 mukhi, 6 mukhi, 14 mukhi
KUMBA4 mukhi, 6 mukhi, 14 mukhi
MEENA3 mukhi, 5 mukhi, 2 mukhi

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1/29/2012 6:08 PM
My sign as per my birth chart is Kanya. It is the moon sign. So i need to wear 4 mukhi and 13 mukhi - 2 beads strung together in a single mala.
2/3/2012 3:43 PM
So if we choose the rudraksha beads with moon sign then i think we do not have to analyze the birth chart unnecessarily.