4 mukhi rudraksha | About four face rudraksha bead

About 4 mukhi rudraksha

About 4 mukhi rudraksha

Significance of 4 mukhi rudraksha

It gives the wearer Knowledge learning and creativity

Nepali 4 mukhi benefits

4 Mukhi rudraksha is the Brahma - the Creator. 4 mukhi rudraksha provides educational attainment and Vaksidhi. 4 mukhi rudraksha bead is controlled by the planet Mercury and is prescribed as one remedy to cure the malefic effects of the mercury in the horoscope. 4 mukhi rudraksha bead represents Lord Brahma and also gives the wearer the four most important in life, namely Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. It acts as a remedy for coughs, asthma, brain-related illnesses, stammering, psychiatric illness, paralysis, memory lapse, respiratory problems, nervous disorders, yellow fever and nasal disease. This rudraksha also removes laziness, excessive sleep and unwanted dreams. This ball is suitable for students, teachers, researchers, journalists, salesmen, writers, etc.

Power of 4 mukhi rudraksha

The power of Brahma exists in this 4 mukhi rudraksha. It gives the wearer Knowledge learning and creativity. It increases wit and intelligence. It is beneficial to scientists, researchers, intellectuals, artists, writers and journalists. Recommended for mental disease, paralysis, yellow fever, and nasal disease.

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