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Rudraksha wearing rules

rudraksha wearing rules

Rudraksha Wearing Rules

  • All Rudraksha beads being sent are energized with proper puja and mantra. All puja offering is already done before being shipped.
  • Wear it on any auspicious day before 7 AM after bath.
  • Do not touch Rudraksha beads more with finger tips.
  • Do not exchange Rudraksha to others.
  • Do not give your Rudraksha to others for wearing.
  • Chant "Omm Namah Shivaya" 27 times before wearing. *
  • Remove mala before going to  sleep. *
  • Remove mala when taking non-veg food if possible.
  • Remove mala while doing shaving or similar work.
  • Don't keep Rudraksha on ground or on sleeping bed or below the pillow.
  • Clean Rudraksha regularly and apply some oil if required.
  • For re-energization, chant "Om Namah Shivaya" 27 or 108 times. *
  • Keep sanctity of the beads and it will work better. 


    * variations to this rule present but in special conditions.

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Rudraksha japa Mala

Rashmita Nayak By Rashmita Nayak

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The most special Rudraksha

special rudraksha

The most special Rudraksha

     We see a lot of rudrakshas offering on the shivalingam. And the symbol of Rudraksha the tears of lord Shiva. If we try to understand the true meaning of this then we feel it means "to get the highest consciousness". In Shivapurana it is said "Whoever wears rudrakshas on both hands, on the head - no materialistic weapon can kill. Non-Materials can not harm the physical body.". Mostly yogis around Himalayas always wear many numbers of Rudraksha beads. As it is protective so they wear it on the hands and also on the head.

     We have various kinds of Rudraksha. It starts from one-face or ek-mukha of Rudraksha also known as the king of Rudraksha. As the name suggests, it is truly the king of all the rudrakshas. We have two-face or do-face which is representing both Shiva and Shakti, the Rudraksha meant for couple or relationship. Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara are combined represented by three-face or teen-mukha Rudraksha. And so the Rudraksha types goes on. Shivapurana describes that "There exists totally 27 kinds of Rudraksha beads".

     Accordingly, the top most special rudraksha is the twenty-seven-face or shataish-mukha Rudraksha. It is noted in history to have appeared only one time during Lord Rama's time. For to have immortality and desire fulfillment. When Lord Rama killed Ravana, the 27 faced bead slipped deep inside the earth. And no one was able to see that from there.

most special rudraksha