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Brihaspati brata on thursday

Brihaspati brata on thursday

To remove malefic effect of guru brihaspati

We do have many concerns and troubles in life. Our life is having many other issues for which we try different solutions. Many times we try to do good but the result is not even as expected. For getting right life partner, to get relief from other home issues,to get rid of mental stress do brihaspati bratam on Thursday.

Thursday, keep bratam for Guru brihaspati. Wake up before sun rise, take bath and wear yellow colored dress, and offer laddoo made up gam flour. Eat food without salt. Offer yellow colored fruit and flower to god. If possible wear yellow dress. Do 108 times japam for guru "Om Brihaspataye namah". In the evening, pour turmeric water to tulasi/banana plant. Offer dhupam and deepam to lord in the evening.

By doing this brat we can get blessings of goddess Maha Lakshmi 

Rashmita Nayak By Rashmita Nayak