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Rudraksha Test : How to test rudraksha

Rudraksha Test: How to test Rudraksha

So How can we find the rudraksha to be original ? How we can use the genuine rudraksha for our use ? How can we discard fake beads from choosing ? Rudraksha is holy and the powers of it give many benefits to the wearer. It is the blessings of Lord Shiva.

How can we find the original Rudraksha?
How can i ? What can i do to test ?
Nov 12

The above question is far too many times the questions in the mind of wearer/buyer. We need to remember that testing Rudraksha is a tough job and involves a series of tests. Just one simple test can not verify that the Rudraksha bead is genuine and effective.

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How to why to test rudraksha
Milk test
Milk testing is one of the easiest and widely used testing.
Nov 11

We can put one Rudraksha in a glass with milk in it. Then we can observer the milk after 1-2 days. The milk does not get spoiled with Rudraksha. Sometimes some good quality Rudraksha can keep milk intact for longer time.

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Milk test of rudraksha
Testing with Reiki master:
Another trustable way to do the testing
Nov 12

We can take Rudraksha to someone who is good in reiki and have been a regular practitioner. We can give the bead to the person to feel its power by keeping it within his palms. He can feel the power and can tell how much more vibrations that certain bead gives compared to other beads.

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Reiki master testing
Weight of the bead
Testing the weight of the bead:
Nov 11

Many ripe beads naturally sink in water. But there are cases where the ripe beads may not sink. Now days it is seen more beads are not sinking properly within water. This may be because of early harvesting of the beads.

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Bead weight testing
Copper coin
Copper coin testing basics:
Nov 12

Many tested that it works and works nice. We tested that all living beads (beads have some plant life) rotate to some extent in copper coin. It is a wrong way of testing Rudraksha and most of the times people actually sell low quality of fake Rudraksha by making tests with it.

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Copper coin testing
Observance of the bead:
Nov 11

Sometimes it feels much better to see the beads closer to find if it can be found fake or not. We can look at the bead closer or better with a magnifying glass to see the natural lines through the beads.

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Magnifying glass
Cut test:
Sure way to test
Nov 12

The cutting of the beads is ultimate way to test the beads for their genuineness. It is a difficult test.

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Cut testing
Cure for Incurable diseases | Vrigu sanhita

Cure for Incurable diseases | Vrigu sanhita

Many diseases are created because of imbalance in baat, pitta, and kapha proper in human body. So all diseases created because of this are able to be cured by taking medicine. But there are many diseases which are caused by karma or the Work of the person. These types of diseases cannot be cured just by taking medicine from good doctors too. These are to be cured by the use of astrological experiences.

disease cure with vrigu
Saint Vrigu was once asked by saint Bharat as “There are certain diseases which never get cured by continuous medicine. Why does this happen like this?” Saint Vrigu has clearly mentioned there that these diseases are related to individual's wrong work and should be treated with astrological way of curing.

Cough and Arthritis disease cure

- Need to make donation of cows.
- Chanting of Vishnu Sahashra Name
- Food and dress for Brahmins

If we do all above with proper care and devotion then the disease can be cured.

Batta and Pitta related disease cure

- Make one Vishnu statue (small size) and do all worshiping ( 16 rules )
- Bedding, Dress, Food to be donated to a most suitable knowledgeable Brahmin.

By doing all above this disease can be cured.

For wife and father being always disease ridden

- Durga worshiping and Maha Mrityunjaya mantra chanting.
- Donation of cows, dress along with shiva Chalisha is helpful.
- 100 Chandi puja ( sata chandi pooja ) helps to cure diseases of wife.
- Maha mrityunjaya mantra is for all such purpose and helps a lot.

Rashmita Nayak By Rashmita Nayak Email:

Genuine rudraksha

Genuine Rudraksha

We always find a natural hole that Rudraksha have in its center. The outer face is also called as mukhi. The number of faces are counted by the number of lines running though. The number of faces represent the seeds that are inside the beads. Sometimes we confuse with the size and shape of the beads. It should always be noted that the natural bead can have different colors and sizes which is dependent on natural things. We only need to care about the genuine of the bead. Also we need to check if there are insects eaten portions.

genuine rudraksha how to know 

People should observe the beads faces carefully and in full light. See it to get a feeling that it should be natural. Generally the cheap rudraksha beads are not faked that much. 3 mukhi rudraksha to 7 mukhi rudraksha are seen not being made fake. But the color and size and shape of these beads definitely differ based on the origin which may not be know to the buyer properly. But we see fakes in case of higher and more priced beads. We see some people making artificial carvings which looks so natural and authentic but are fake. We have seen many cases where the gauri shankar rudraksha bead and ek mukhi gole dana beads are fake and artificially carved and made sometimes markings.

In few cases, we see that people have no understanding on rudraksha before buying and just seen collecting some totally new type of beads called as rudraksha. Buyers can see all types of rudraksha beads on our website for verification as genuine rudraksha.

We see that many buyers have slightly different understanding on the way the rudraksha to be tested. Few buyers think that all rudraksha should sink and only fakes can float. This concept and thinking is totally wrong. Genuine rudraksha can float. Many cases the fakes always sink and the genuine ripe/dry fruit may float. There are many rudraksha beads which are genuine, powerful but still they float.

We always recommend buyers to check the linings and the faces with magnifying glass. All sellers of rudraksha beads will have one magnifying glass for sure. Please ask for it and test the linings with it for your own faith.

Buyers can soak the bead in Luke warm water to observe that the lines which are artificially made are showing off.

test rudraksha for genuine

Always better to buy from the genuine and experienced people. Always their understanding on different type and sizes of beads will help the buyer.

By Himanshu Nayak Email:

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