Saraswati mala - Rudraksha

Saraswati mala brings knowledge health and will power to the wearer. This is most suitable combination for studies and concentration to students of all kind.
199.99 (INR)

Benefits of wearing Saraswati Mala

> Brings knowledge and will power.

> Brings concentration and health to the people.

> Most suitable for students of all class who need more memory power and concentration.

> Brings balance in body. Wearer feels satisfied and confident after wearing this mala.

Who Should wear this Saraswati rudraksha mala ?

> All Students who are aspiring for better concentration and success.

> While we need confidence and balance in us, we definitely need Saraswati mala combination.

Configuration of Saraswati mala

> One bead of 4 mukhi rudraksha, one bead of 5 mukhi rudraksha and one bead of 6 mukhi rudraksha strung together to make a beautiful mala.

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