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benefits of wearing rudraksha
Benefits of wearing rudraksha
Special bead treatment

Wearer should make sure of the type of Rudraksha which is most suitable for him


How to test rudraksha

There is much confusion on Real Rudraksha
testing rudraksha



To meet the ever increasing demand rudraksha beads, sellers have started manufacturing rarely available beads such as one faced Rudraksha body (The Ek Mukhi Rudraksha) etc. Beads of Bhadraksha, Areca nut, Nutmeg or Tulsi are used to fashion Rudraksha Beads. There is much confusion on Real Rudraksha. There has been practice of cheating people with fake rudraksha. And buyer do not have faith with the current rudraksha market. 


how to test rudraksha 


Read below the way for testing Rudraksha beads:


Cut Test:


Please click on the link to read more on "How to Test Rudraksha".


If we are going to wear the beads initially

To make the beads powerful we can recite the Pranpratishtha mantras
wearing rudraksha for first time


Rudraksha /Rudraksha mala/Rudraksha jewelery might be filtered and empowered before wearing. Reciting of Rudra abhishek and Pranpratishtha mantras makes them cleansed and invigorated. Washing the Rudraksha dots and offering incense, shoe glue and different contributions acquires great contemplations inside rudraksha globules/rudraksha mala/rudraksha jewelery. ommrudraksha dependably plays out all ceremonies previously transporting any item. You have to specifically wear the rudraksha on a morning after shower. Wearer can recite "Om Namah Shivaya" and the Seed mantra for the mukhis multiple times alternatively. Reciting multiple times is more benefitial and reciting multiple times is the most favored one.


Reciting of the accompanying mantras all the time in your day by day profound control invigorates.


                                                Common mantra for all rudraksha mukhis "Om Namah Shivaya"


Beej mantra for Individual Rudraksha beads


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Rules for Wearing Rudraksha

Rules for Wearing Rudraksha

Wearer should make sure of the type of Rudraksha which is most suitable for him
rudraksha wearing rules

Rudraksha is a divine gift from Lord Shiva to the mankind. Rudraksha helps human being to combat miseries and sorrows. These divine beads can be worn by any body irrespective of age, sex, caste, creed, culture and location. Certain precautions may be taken while using Rudraksha.


1.    Wearer should make sure of the type of Rudraksha which is most suitable for him. Wearer may analyze his zodiac sign, problems or desires for which rudraksha is required.


2. While Purchasing Rudraksha wearer should make sure that he is purchasing genuine Rudraksha only otherwise he will not get the desirable effects.Purchase  Rudraksha from the authentic source ( is the most trusted and No-1 Certified Rudraksha supplier) and not from any street vendors.


Please click on the link to read more on Rules for Wearing Rudraksha.

Written by Rashmita Nayak 


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How To Energize Rudraksha Mala
How to Energize Rudraksha mala
Simple steps to energize rudraksha
energize rudraksha

We can energize Rudraksha beads or rudraksha mala by following some basic steps. Rudraksha mala/rudraksha beads is energized before sending it to the customer. We employ holy people for the puja of Rudraksha mala/beads before dispatch. The texts written are for information purpose only. Wearer can follow his own ways of energizing the mala/beads. There are no strings attached to the rules. Energizing is a way of putting our good thoughts into the mala/beads which ultimately gives better results to the end wearer.

  1. Choose an auspicious day and time for blessings.
  2. Blessings may be done by the wearer, his Guru or a priest.
  3. After bath, with a pure mind and body arrange the items for blessings.

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Written by Rashmita Nayak