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1 mukhi rudraksha video
1 mukhi rudraksha video

1 mukhi rudraksha video


The Rudraksha is a sublime globule and paying little heed to the Mukhi or the starting point does not mischief to the wearer. this is paying little mind to the reality if the individual puts stock in it or not.


It is only APPROPRIATENESS. So as to wear the subtle and exceptionally favorable ! Mukhis Rudraksha one should be very devout and unadulterated. one's propensities and every day schedules ought to be to the most elevated norms of Satvik standards. There are an extraordinary number of do's and dont's which one needs to cling to while wearing a 1 Mukhi Rudraksha.

My approach

In my expert routine with regards to 37 years I have not recommended a solitary individual to really wear the 1 Mukhi as it is for all intents and purposes hard to keep up that dimension of virtue in this day and age. I do recommend that one can keep it in the Pooja/Mandir and appeal to it simply like one goes to the Shivalinga.

1 mukhi rudraksha truth

There are many individuals selling Ek Mukhi Rudraksha containing images of snake, Shivling, Nandi, The Trident and OM on it. Truth is that every one of these images are misleadingly made by dealers in shops at all explorer puts crosswise over India to fans to build the deals. A Nepal 1 Mukhi Rudraksha has not been found in the market from recent decades. In any case, yes in the bygone eras it was accessible to a couple .

One Mukhi Rudraksh is uncommon and whatever of it is accessible in the market is generally of Kaju molded (Shape of a cashew nut). It speaks to Shiva himself. A great many people place it at the Puja spot and offer their love. Some even wear it. It is said that this thing gets all the thriving and satisfaction the proprietor's home.

1 mukhi rudraksha video has descriptions on the use and benefits of using this rudraksha. This video further describes the diseases cured and who should wear 1 mukhi rudraksha. This video is made by ommrudraksha and hosted at youtube.

planet friends | friends and enemies | Friendship chart | Astrology

Planet friends and enemies as per vedic astrology          

Friendship among 9 planets
planet friends and Enemies

          As per Indian Vedic astrology, we consider total 9 planets existing. These nine planets are sun, moon, mars, mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and Rahu & Ketu. These 9 planets are used by astrologers to understand the birth chart of a person. The planets have different relationship with each other. They are either friendly, have enmity, or equal status / Neutral relationship with other planets. Here we are describing the relationship between planets those are as described by the ancient books in India. There are certain variations in the relationship chart of planets among different schools of understanding. We are discussing the most widely used planet relationship chart being used across Indian Vedic astrology and astrologers.


Planet Friendship Chart | Planets Friends and Enemies


Friendly Planets

Enemy Planets

Neutral Planets


Moon, Mars, Jupiter

Venus, Saturn, Rahu

Mercury, Ketu


Sun, Mercury


Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu


Sun, Moon, Jupiter


Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu


Sun, Venus

Moon, Ketu

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu


Sun, Moon, Mars

Mercury, Venus, Rahu

Saturn, Ketu


Mercury, Saturn, Rahu

Sun, Moon

Mars, Jupiter, Ketu


Mercury, Venus, Rahu

Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu

Mercury, Jupiter


Venus, Saturn

Sun, Moon, Mars

Mercury, Jupiter, Ketu


Sun, Mars

Venus, Saturn

Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, Rahu

          Here above we discussed the natural friends of planets, natural enemy relationship between planets and natural equality / neutral relationship between planets from astrology consideration. But as per the zodiac cycle in birth chart, the position of planets in different houses brings another three types of relationships namely immediate friendship with other planets, immediate enmity with other planets or immediate neutral relationship / equality with other planets. We will discuss these aspects in another topic on immediate relationship between planets as per the kundali / birth chart.

Planet Friends and enemies Chart

Planet family          Rudraksha is worn for easing the bad positioned planets. Please refer Rudraksha for planets to read more on rudraksha recommended for different planets.


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Mithuna Lagna | Food Precaution | Gemini lagna | Advice Rudraksha

Mithuna lagna food precaution          

Gemini Lagna chart
food precaution for mithuna lagna - gemini lagna people

Mithuna Lagna in birth chart people should have food Precaution for better life which can lead to better life and mind. Below we are describing about gemini lagna people and their food precaution and rudraksha wearing advice.

People wiht mithuna lagna or Gemini Lagna in birth chart

          These people are seen to be always in thoughts and also are busy with ever changing life tensions. They are in constant tensions more than required and expected. And that too they are in many problems in life. These people are seen doing more physical work.

Diseases for mithuna lagna people ( gemini lagna )

          Because of all these characters of these people, they are affected by their digestion process.

Food advice for Gemini lagna peoplegemini

          They need those food which can give energy for physical and mental requirements. Food with more vitamins are preferred. Milk, cheese, fruit & vegetables etc can be taken more. With need, they can take fish or meat.

  • Take food in time.
  • Take less/ very less food during night (dinner).
  • Food should be taken atleast 2 hours before sleep ( taking bed at night ).

        These will give good digestion, problems with sleeping can be cured, and that too can take next day's work with full energy. This leads to their good health and fitness.

Rudraksha advice for these people

Wear 4 mukhi rudraksha for all round happiness and health.4 mukhi rudraksha

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rahu ketu shanti | Rahu Ketu Dosha Nivaran | Remove problems

Remove malefic effect of rahu and ketu      

Rahu ketu dosha yoga
rahu ketu dosha nivaran

Rahu Ketu Dosha

          If all planets in a person's birth chart, come within the semi cirle made between the planet rahu and the planet ketu, then it makes a bad yoga or situation called Kala Sharpa Yoga.

          This gives different result depending upon the Lagna. It is seen that, people with this rahu ketu dosha yoga in their birth chart, get difficult situations or difficulties in their life. Whatever prevention and actions taken for the good times, it does not bring in such people's dreams into reality. Because of certain special reasons mental tensions, work related issues, fighting like situations at home, unhappiness in family, shortage of money, court cases, and other many physical problems are faced by these people.

Rahu Ketu Dosha Nivaran / Shanti process

To get rid of Kala Sharpa Yoga

- Regularly pray to lord Shiva.

- Daily do chanting of Shiva Pancha akshar Mantra. "Omm Namah Shivaya"

- Donate copper or gold made Cobra / Naga snake at Shiva temple.

- Wear specially made Yantras / Rudraksha for the problem.

Rudraksha helps a lot in overcoming from such situations. Also protection is blessed for all type of tensions or negativity occuring in the life of such people. If anyone suffering from such issues then please send your Name, Gotra, Date of birth, Time of birth, Place of birth to us from the contact us page.

rahu ketu dosha nivaran with rudraksha

Ommrudraksha Astro Research Center.

Rahu ketu shanti is possible by rudraksha and puja. Rahu Ketu Dosha Nivaran can be done by wearing energized yantra. Remove such problems with help from ommrudraksha.

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