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Vastu sastra - an introduction

Introduction to Vastu 

Construction applied in Hindu architecture
Vastu means "vaasa" or "dwelling" and Sastra means "science". Vastusastra is the study of  traditional system of construction applied in Hindu architecture. Now a days it has became very popular. Everyone from reputed builder to normal people wants to make vastu compliant construction. Although it is not possible to follow 100% vastu but how much is possible it can be done . Indian vastu consultants provide services on construction and architecture on home and commercial issues.
According to Vastusastra for placing a door there are 32 possible entrances for home. However only 8 of these are good. It is wrong belief that South entrances are not good. However if the South entrances are towards the right of South i.e towards west in the zone of South-South west, it could lead poverty and debts. Avoid this at any cost
Having a bedroom in the west and north west will increase support for you and your family. All the vastu principles taken together give the architect for creating buildings that live and vibrate harmoniously with u.
Some vastu tips for home which provides peace, harmony, luck and happiness in family.
The main entrance door should always open inside and towards clock wise for positive vibration.
Living room direction should be north east of the house.
Sofa siting should be south west of the living room.
Puja room or mandir should be north east corner of the house or living room.
Cactus or thorny plants should never been grown inside house because it creates negative energy.
Keep crystal salt bowl in corner of the house it will remove negative energy.

By Himanshu Nayak

Eco therapy with nature healing power

Healing power of nature Or Eco therapy

Being in nature promotes a healthy body, mind and soul
The healing power of nature is amazing and miraculous. It will help u to heal your body both physically and mentally. You will  get benefits from  nature only when you spent time and get closer to it. Nature has its own healing power. At the first step to the forest you will  feel changing. The gentle breeze coming from the trees will make your body, mind and soul feel healthier, more intuitive and energetic. You just breathe in and feel the cleanness. You will  become charged after along distance of modern busy life. And if that describes you, then u may feel that you are not alone. 
eco therapy
Most of the people unknowingly have the  intuition in mind that getting outside in nature is good for us but people in busy schedule get less time to spend in nature. The natural fragrance , quite atmosphere, clean and fresh air of nature has the power to lower the stress level by relaxing and enhancing our well being. It includes spending time in nature and even includes looking at natural scenes out an window.
Being in nature promotes a healthy body, mind and soul.
It is the great place to take grief, explore your feelings and find hope through the beauty of nature.
Walking in nature strengthens our immune system and muscles.
Hiking reduces blood pressures and weight loss and mind become more sharpener.
One recent study tested over 1200 adults, the people depressed because they did not go outside. The doctors also send the patients to the hill stations for better recovery. According to the scientists eco therapy is the growing therapy for healthy life.
The holy plant TULASI

The holy plant TULASI has been used from thousands of years in Ayurveda

Holy basil plant is an important symbol in Hindu religion

The Tulasi or holy basil plant is an important symbol in Hindu religion.most of the Hindu people  worship tulasi by offering water to tulasi plant in morning and oil lamp in evening . Not only from the religious point but from a medicinal perspective too tulasi has endless value.there are different kinds of tulasi we find in our surroundings such as ram tulasi which is light green color leaves and long in size.another type is Shyam tulsi which has dark green color short leaves.



While doing worship/puja to lord Hanuman and lord Krishna tulasi  plays important role.Tulasi is very important for lord Jagannath without which puja is incomplete.


This plant have multiple medicinal has been used from thousands of years  in ayurveda for its diverse healing properties such as


  • For common cold and cough 5 to 10 tulasi leaves can be consumed with 1 spoon of honey.

  • For headache and stomach disorder tulasi leaves can be taken with black pepper and honey

  • For any kind insect bite fresh tulasi leaves with little turmeric powder juice can be applied

  • Tulasi is quite effective bringing down temperature can be taken with pure cow ghee



 Tulasi can be taken in various forms like  herbal tea ,dried powder or fresh leaves.and it can be safely used for children.

Tulasi plant leave

Rashmita Nayak By Rashmita Nayak