Who is my Paramatita Paramātmā Nirākār Īśvara (God)

Who is my Paramatita Paramātmā Nirākār Īśvara (God)
In the realm of spiritual exploration, few concepts are as profound and intriguing as the notion of Parampita, Paramatma, Nirakar, and Ishwar. These sacred terms hold the keys to unlocking the mysteries of the universe and our place within it. As we embark on this journey of discovery, we'll delve into the meanings and significance of these terms, and explore how they can guide us towards a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.
Who is my parampita paramatma incorporeal nirakar god
Lets Analyze and find our Paramātmā Parambrahma Nirākār God

Who is my Paramapita Paramātmā Nirākār Īśvara God 

God isn’t a bodily human being.

All others have their own bodies. God is known as the Bodiless One. He does not have a body of his own. All others have their own bodies or have some form body with them.

Should God has to be incorporeal ?

How can we explain the incorporeal status of God
God is nirakar incorporeal and does not have a body

We always agree that God is one. He is one and only one. This is all widely agreed above religion. God is "god of all animals, living things, ...". This is also complete true. For any living thing, the creation is normally look a like and are his descendants. If god is creating, then he should be creating look a like of himself and should be his descendants. If we look at all the living animals, we know that the body is not the living thing. There is one thing inside all those bodies which makes the status of the living thing to "Alive". We know that is called Atma / Soul.

All living thing have different bodies but have soul. This soul of all the living things should be similar which brings the carcas to life. So all living things have similarity of having a soul which is of one category. Who lives, works does everything through this body. So I am the real Soul not this body. God should have created this soul an should be similar to soul. Come on, we call god as "Supreme - Soul". The foremost of all souls. So definitely God is the creator of souls. The souls are coming and taking a body to do work. So God looks like a soul as he creates the soul. The soul is not visible to our eyes. They are visible to one having inner knowledge/sight. We tell the soul to be Incorporeal or does not having worldly forms. It looks like a light dot. The dot is having no shape. No start and no end. The father of all these souls, who is God, is also not having any shape and is incorporeal. 

How to explain God does not take a body or come into cycle or birth and rebirth ?
God does not take a body

God is the source of energy. He is the almighty giving energy to the universe. Universe has a way / rule of doing it's work. But everything takes energy from God. So God is out of the cycle of birth and rebirth so that he always provides us the energy, power, blessings. If he himself comes to the cycle of birth/rebirth, then the universe and all living beings will come to unstable state as the energy source has been bound within a body and has to abide by the law of the universe/body. This will create sustainability question to the world. God has to be out of this wheel of birth/body/... so that he can observe it from outside. Except him no one has the capability to do so. God does not have a body and never comes to cycle of birth and rebirth.

Humans can never be called God ?
humans can never be called god

All creations take their energy, life directions, blessings and power from the almighty God. All humans are a form of another physical living beings of the nature. He does work for himself and have knowledge of the human race only. There are many other different living things. Human does not have that all knowledge. God is the only "Ocean of knowledge" / " Gyan ka Sagar" . A human can become a good human, very good human, best human. All he can become is enhance the existing knowledge and become super from the rest. But does not have the knowledge / memory / power to bring control for all living things / non living things in accordance to cosmic law. We tell super human to be a deity because of good characteristics and behavior of human things. Better wording is Devata or deity having super natural powers. God is the deity of all living things. He has the capability and control. 

How can we prove "Shiva is the Supreme soul God" ?
Analyze and prove that shiva is god

Related to god knowledge, first comes the religion. Currently there are religions which is the holy group, understanding God and providing knowledge of God to all holy followers. We can count the religions and tell the birth of these religions. Only thing we do not have record is of the original, eternal deity religion, which is understood to have been there before current religions even started. Currently no one is there who belong to the original deity religion. We understand that the remnants of those eternal religion are the Hindus who now have forgotten all those history. So we can analyze their customs and can explore from that/them.

A serene landscape with a person meditating in the distance

So this religion definitely prays to the one and only one God. People also are respectful the the good humanitarians and show them respect like 2nd God which in long run is forgotten and brings confusion with real God belief. We already understand human beings are only humans to whom we respect because of deity characteristics. Only incorporeal, supreme-soul they pray is "Paramātmā Shiva". There are 100s 1000s temples dedicated to "Paramātmā Shiva". These temples also pray god in the form of "linga or half egg shape".  When we do Yagam, (ritual of sacrifice) , we offer by telling " 1) Brahma devataya Namah 2) Vishnu devataya Namah 3) Shankara devataya Namah 4) Shiva Paramātmāye Namah. So the eternal knowledge of who is real Paramātmā is always hidden in the customs and rituals. There is only one incorporeal god to whom all always pray, and he is "Paramapita Paramātmā sadaShiv Nirākār". From history, we find other religions came, mostly and widely Shiva was prayed in Hindu religion. Shiva is God , Paramātmā = father of all souls, paramapita = father of all. Namah Shivay 

sacred Hindu text, such as the Bhagavad Gita.
In conclusion, our exploration of Parampita, Paramatma, Nirakar, and Ishwar has revealed the profound significance of these sacred terms in our spiritual journey. By embracing their wisdom, we can transcend the limitations of our mortal selves and connect with the divine essence that resides within us all. May this knowledge inspire us to walk the path of spiritual growth and self-realization, and may we forever be guided by the eternal light of Parampita, Paramatma, Nirakar, and Ishwar.
Parampita paramatma Shiva
As we conclude this article, we invite you to continue the journey of spiritual discovery. Share your thoughts and insights in the comments below, and join our community of seekers who are dedicated to exploring the mysteries of the universe. Together, let us venture forth into the unknown, armed with the wisdom of Parampita, Paramatma, Nirakar, and Ishwar. Embrace the divine within, and let your spirit soar!
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Om Namah Shivaya
Parampita paramatma Shiva