Shree Hanuman, an ideal for devotion and loyalty

Shree Hanuman-A true devotee

By Smruti Swagat Ray Mohapatra | Khandapada August 10, 2017

If we go through the great Indian mythology and search for a perfect ideal for devotion and loyalty, then a name called as “Shree Hanuman” will come for sure. It is believed that, when Lord Vishnu was incarnated as Mohini (a beautiful lady) in order to kill a demon, then Lord Shiva was too much attracted by the beauty of “Mohini”. As a result of this, a powerful soul was formed. Latter, “Pawan Dev” placed that soul in the womb of “Anjani”, the queen of “Keshari”. In the previous birth, Anjani was a celestial lady. Due to a curse, she was born in the monkey race in the next birth. Lord Hanuman was the son of Anjani and Keshari. As Pawan Dev placed his soul in the womb of his mother, he is also known as “Pawanputra Hanuman”.

When the parents of Shree Hanuman started searching a perfect teacher for him, then God “Sun” was chosen as the best one. After finishing his learning, Shree Hanuman asked God Sun to demand any repay from him. And as per the instruction of God Sun , Shree Hanuman helped “Sugriba” throughout his lifetime. Because Sugriba was the son of God Sun. Shree Hanuman remained constantly by the side of Sugriba all the time.

Shree Ram and Hanuman


Without Shree Hanuman, the whole “Ramayana” would be incomplete and impossible. Each and every important events of Ramayana was completed by the help of Lord Hanuman. Lord Shree Ram met Shree Hanuman after Ravana had kidnapped Maa Sita. Shree Hanuman is a great devotee of Lord Shree Ram. Shree Hanuman was the only person of the army of Shree Ram, who was able to jump the whole Indian Ocean Sea and reach at Lanka with a single jump. He discovered Maa Sita in Lanka (Now Sri Lanka) and told all the information of Shree Ram. He was blessed with the power of immortality by Maa Sita there. Then he destructed almost all the Lanka except the royal palace of Ravana with fire and showed the demons the power of the name “Shree Ram”.

Again during the war between Shree Ram and Ravana, Laxman was severely injured by Meghanada (the most powerful son of Ravana) and he could only be cured by the application of holy “Sanjeevani” leaves. And the Sanjeevani trees were situated in the ancient Himalayas. Shree hanuman rushed towards the Himalayas and without recognizing the Sanjeevani trees, he moved the whole Sanjeevani Mountain to Lanka. And Laxman was cured by the application of Sanjeevani. When “MahiRavana” kidnapped Shree Ram and Laxman and kept them in Patal Lok secretly, then Shree Hanuman was the only person, who was able to rescued Shree Ram and Laxman from Patal Lok.

Shree Hanuman
After the war between Shree Ram and Ravana ended, Maa Sita was rescued and returned to Ayodhya, the kingdom of Shree Ram. Lord Hanuman was always there for any service of Shree Ram. He was very dearer to both Shree Ram and Maa Sita. Once, Maa Sita was applying “Sindoor” on her forehead. Shree Hanuman appeared there and questioned about the particular reason behind that. Then Maa Sita explained that wives apply Sindoor on their forehead as a symbol of the lifetime happiness of their husbands. Being a great devotee of Shree Ram, Lord Hanuman applied Sindoor all over his body as a symbol of life time happiness of his Lord Shree Ram. It is believed that, Lord Hanuman is very fond of Sindoor.

When Shree Hanuman was asked to prove his loyalty and devotion towards Shree Ram in the court of Shree Ram, he tore his chest and showed the image of Shree Ram and Maa Sita in his heart. In this way, Shree Hanuman proved his genuine devotion and loyalty towards Shree Ram. And with the blessing of Maa Sita, Lord Hanuman is believed to be still alive on this earth and helping the society by spreading the holy spiritual knowledge in a secret identity.


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