Shiva Jayanti and Krishna Jayanti - God is not omnipresent

Geeta Jayanti brings Krishna Jayanti afterwards
When Geeta Jayanti comes ? When Shiva Jayanti Comes ? When Krishna Jayanti Comes ?
First question comes that "God is not omnipresent"

The God, the ocean of knowledge. He cannot be omnipresent. If he is present in any good soul person here, then why the person is not able to behave like god, not able to work like god, not able to .... If we say he is starting and will become God, then god is not made. He does not take birth and start learning. Then how can we tell him ocean of knowledge?

Some think that Krishna is present everywhere, that he is omnipresent. The devotees of Krishna say that all are Krishna, that Krishna has adopted those forms. Those who belong to the path of Radhe say that Radhe is in everyone - I am Radhe and you are Radhe. Many dictates have emerged. Some say that God is omnipresent, some say that Krishna is omnipresent, some say that Radhe is omnipresent. If there are so many omnipresent, then all are god. Then why they are not able to liberate anyone. No one from 1000 of years have liberated others. That means all are taking good path to pure themselves. No one can make others pure. This is sure if we are analyzing the history.

If anyone can tell himself God, then how can they have own children. Can they behave with each person equally? Have they done that. If we refer to Krishna / Radhe, did they come in recent dwaper yug? If they might have come, then there is mention of Mahabharat war. If that war was somehow happened and had the purpose of transforming all bad to good, then all should have seen it afterwards. But still we tell this world as having so much sorrows.

Second question arises. Why the Bharat that is impure and unhappy today?

If Bharat is unhappy today, then definitely was pure and happy one day. They even speak of the original, eternal Hindu religion, but who are called the original, eternal people? What does ‘original’ mean and what does ‘eternal’ mean? ‘Original’ means the golden age. Who existed in the golden age? Everyone knows that Lakshmi and Narayan existed then. Surely, they would have been the children of someone too who should have made them masters of the golden age, the Supreme Soul, who established the golden age.

When god comes, then there should have a change. A drastic change, change in personality of people, change in their life, change in their behavior. We tell god will come. But when he should come? When there is a need of change? When there will be need of change? We know there are four Yugas. Satya, Treta, Dwaper, Kali yug. Each come one after another in a circular fashion. So God should be coming during Kali yug to uplift them and make the Satya yug. Satya yug is the golden yug.

Now we are sure that God will come during the confluence age (of kaliyug and Golden Yug). If he comes then what he will bring with himself? We know he is the ocean of knowledge. He will bring with himself the knowledge. With that knowledge people should be able to come out of bad and become so pious that they can go to Golden Yug. There should be a visible huge transformation in the children who will be learning from God. Otherwise how we will know that such pious knowledge has been being given? By seeing, seeing people getting changed, seeing people becoming pure, happy, devoid of world issues.

God will be giving us Srimat. With that good pure knowledge all will become pure and pious. The Shrimad Bhagawad Gita is the jewel, the mother, of all scriptures. This should be existing during the confluence age. This should be the pure knowledge which will change people, then only people have that much respect for that Srimat=Geeta. We all have that respect always.

Parampita paramatma shiva and gita jayanti
Third question arises "When should have the Geeta Jayanti, Shiva Jayanti, Krishna Jayanti have come, "

So, God, the ocean of knowledge has taught us Geeta. But what we will get after getting Geeta? We should change, become clean, pious. A transformation from Kali to Satya where people are changes, environment is changed, everything has changed and become that special clean, pious. That should be bringing, welcoming the Satya Yug where everyone is happy from inside out. In the golden age, it was the kingdom of Shri Krishna. Geeta Jayanti should be the day when god came to earth. And he should have come during the confluence of kali - satya yug.

Krishna Jayanti should be the day when krishna came to earth. In India people celebrate Geeta Jayanti and Shiva Jayanti. In India we have many temples. That is the temple of incorporeal Shiva. He alone is called the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are deities. Shiva Jayanti is only celebrated in Bharat.

If we see the circle of yugs, then definitely Geeta Jayanti which is the day God Shiva came to earth. And Shiva Jayanti should be the day of Geeta Jayanti. And by learning, taking knowledge of this Geeta, the Satya Yug should have come and the first pious, beautiful prince of golden yug Krishna (Krisna Jayanti).

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7/6/2020 1:04 PM
Good Information and explanation on Shiva Jayanti.