Rudraksha related god goddess

Rudraksha related god and goddess

Related god helps us to understand the benefits of the bead 

           All Rudrakshas have their own governing God and Goddess and are worn to receive some particular benefits. Below given list will describe which Rudraksha is governed by which God or Goddess:

Ek Mukhi (One faced) rudraksha related god is - Lord Shiv
Dvi Mukhi (Two faced)
rudraksha related god is - Ardh Narishwar
Teen Mukhi (Three faced)
rudraksha related god is - Tri Agni
Chatur Mukhi (Four faced)
rudraksha related god is - Lord Bramha
Panch Mukhi (Five faced)
rudraksha related god is - Kalagni Rudra


       Each Rudraksha bead have special powers. The power of the beads are multiplied by worshipping to the related god/goddess.


God related to Shashth Mukhi (Six faced) rudraksha - Lord Kartikey
God related to Sapt Mukhi (Seven faced) Anang
God related to Ashth Mukhi (Eight faced) Batuk Bhairaw
God related to Nav Mukhi (Nine faced) Goddess Durga


         The purpose of relating god / goddess to rudraksha beads are to give a similarity of characteristics that the bead has inherited from the characteristics of the god/goddess.

Dash Mukhi (Ten faced) Lord Vishnu
Ekadash Mukhi (Eleven faced) Rudra
Dwadash Mukhi (Twelve faced) All twelve Aadityas
Tryodash Mukhi (Thirteen faced) Vishwedeva
Chaturdash Mukhi (Fourteen faced) Param Shiv


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