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Yogeswar Shree Krishna

By Smruti Swagat Ray Mohapatra | Khandapada August 5, 2017

Lord Vishnu has been taking several incarnations on earth in order to establish “Dharma”. Among all the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, Shree Krishna is known to be the most complete incarnation. He was born with all the sixteen characters of MahaVishnu. His whole life explains the way of live a life by realizing the meaning of life. He is better known as “Yogeswar Purushottam Shree Krishna”.

When Lord Krishna was born in the jail of Kansa, the darkness of the thunderstorm night was destroyed and the environment suddenly enlightened with the glory of auspicious Super spirit. This indicates the victory of “Dharma” over Cruelty. Lord Krishna taught significant ways to perform duties in every step of his life. After birth, he was transferred to Gokul and spent his childhood there. In Gokul he described the meaning of passionate unconditional love without expectations. It may be the love between a mother (Yashoda) and a son (Krishna) or two lovers (Radha and Krishna). In Gokul Lord Krishna killed many demons sent by King Kansa. Hence, from childhood he clearly mentioned that he was the complete incarnation of Lord Vishnu with super natural powers.

And when Shree Krishna moved to Mathura, he killed King Kansa and rescued his imprisoned parents and established his holly city “Dwarka”. In Dwarka, Lord Krishna again explained a beautiful relationship of friendship by playing a adorable example. He helped his childhood friend “Sudama” who was struggling in poverty. Then he stood by the side of Pandavas in order to establish Dharma. He helped Pandavas in every step of their journey. He played a vital role in Mahabharata war. Dharma could not be established without his interference in the war. He was very clever. He solved every problem that arises during the war by utilizing his versatile clever attitude. 

Yogeswar krishna


In the beginning of Mahabharata war, Arjun was not in a mood to fight against his own family. Then Lord Krishna, being the chariot driver of Arjun explained the auspicious “Bhagavad Geeta”. Bhagavad Geeta describes the path towards “Moksha” (the immortal peace). He explained so beautifully the ways of performing duties without having any expectations. He explained the reality of our body and spirit. He explained that the spirit is a form of energy, which is immortal. Only the body dies, not the spirit. It is like changing clothes from old to a newer one.

In Bhagavad Geeta, Lord Krishna described how to control the mind. If a person controls its mind, then that person can achieve the greatest achievement of life. In Mahabharata war Lord Krishna did not even used a weapon. But still he was able to control each and every activity through his versatile clever attitude. He showed his complete “Vishwarupa” to Arjun after giving him super natural eyesight. Because no one is able to see the “Vishwarupa” of Lord Vishnu with normal eyes. Only because of Krishna, Pandavas won the great battle Mahabharata war and Dharma was established.

After Mahabharata war, Lord Krishna was cursed by “Gandhari” and he accepted it with a smile. In every situation, he was smiling. It explains that a person should remain cool in every situation of life and welcome it with a smile. Due to the curse of Gandhari, the whole kingdom of Krishna was destroyed at the end of Dwapar Yug and Dwarka was emerged in the ocean. Then Lord Krishna went to the forest and sat under a tree for rest. At that time most of his super natural power was lost as he saved the life of “Parikshit” in the womb of “Uttara” by sacrificing all the good deeds gained by him throughout his whole life. Mistaking Krishna for a deer, a hunter named as “Jara” shoots an arrow, which was penetrated in the foot of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna forgave the hunter and died.

Hence, the whole life of Shree Krishna is a perfect guide for the nation as well as every individual to live life in an effective way. And he proved himself to be the complete incarnation of Lord Vishnu in all stages and he justified his name “Yogeswar Purusottam Shree Krishna” in all the stages of his life.

    Yogeswar shree krishna


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