Shivoham - Being Bound is just a mind Game


"Being Bound is just a mind Game."

Shiva puranmeditation

In our daily life we do many things such as meeting many people, eating variety of foods and  visiting many places but we are comfortable with selected things, still we co-ordinate with them as per our needs. Sometimes we try to get attached to and become comfortable with force to accomplish our goals.

well that is called as "Sadhana" or "Manava Prayatna". Let us stop discussing more on that practice.

But from where we are getting these goals into our mind.. why are we not happy with what we have and why we do not ignore  what we don't have. what are the reasons behind it.

We often listen to the word " inner voice " from people does it mean is there someone who is talking to us by being with us or sitting inside of us, if yes who is that, where is that inner voice coming from in fact what is the meaning of "inner" for us.  
if no one is there, then the listener is faking ?? there should be some source and point of origin for every thing  right.
Many says that inner is god.. other says the inner is mind.. infact these both have no solid proof for their respective statements.



As long as ' I ' is live, This I gets automatically gets connected to the world and those worldly things and gets struck there and starts craving for some or other. This I is also been born from "Manass"  The Mind.. When that piece of code is properly and systematically handled liberation happens eventually. Liberation does not just mean leaving all the things around us and running away from all the responsibilities and duties.. infact that is to live life in eswara aarpana sthithi. We will not get strongly attached to anything and don't develop fake ego and take credits of every thing of the world. We get the feel of "Nimittha matra" and surrender ourselves to the feet of The Supreme.


The supreme
Shoham sarada


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