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About people born on 7, 16,25th      

These people are controlled or influenced by Ketu planet
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born on 7, 16, 25th of month

About People Born on 7, 16, 25 th day

          Those people whose birth date or destiny number is 7 or 16 or 25 th day of the month, are affected by Ketu Graha or planet. Ketu is also known as Neptune or Baruna. These people take birth on 7th day or 16th day or 25th day of any month. The auspicious or the lucky color for these people is white or violet Blue. These people are controlled or influenced by Ketu planet.

Bad Effect of Ketu on such people

          If ketu is not a friendly planet as per the birth chart then there are many issues in the life. Any disease related to blood seem to give severe tension to these people. Many diseases occur after 40 years of age. Mostly forgetfulnes, cough, blood impurity gives issues or occur to give tension. Low or high blood pressure can be part of their life.

Diseases because of Ketu graha

          Diseases related to breathing system and mostly allergy. Sweat of these people are very in odour. It brings indigestion during the young age of the karaka. Sexual diseases, stomach disorder, diseases related to cold or severe cold, joints problem, hearth and mental problems occur during later age of the karaka.

Remedies for negative Ketu

Never take or live on smoking or drinking. These habits makes to bring diabetes during later age of the karaka. careful before getting attacked by these diseases. Take evening work or morning walk near river or sea. It will bring peace in mind. Most of the diseases get less effect when these people are cool in mind and bring peace in life. The below precautions and remedy can be taken

- Keep Yantra of Ketu Maha Graha and worship it.

- Worship to Maa Dhumabati or keep her yantra.

- Wear 9 Mukhi Rudraksha.

- Refer Rudraksha for ketu

9 mukhi for fear

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1/20/2012 7:48 AM
i was bon on 16-12-1980. Do i also need to wear 9 mukhi rudraksha ? I have been getting allergy easily because of some reason. Will the allergy problems be gone after wearing 9 mukhi rudraksha