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Secrets to develop your personality

By Diptimayee parida | bangalore August 4, 2017

Personality development implies progressive identification with higher dimensions of personality. Thus a person is identified only with the physical dimension without exercising his higher mental faculties, lives not far different from animals whose pleasure and pain are restricted to the sensory system.

Development involves struggle with one's lower mind characterized by desires, old habits, wrong tendencies, impulses and bad impressions. The lesser we identify with the lower mind, and the more we identify with the higher mind and exercise our buddhi, the more developed will our personality be.


personality development


Qualities for personality development are as follows-

    Faith in one's potential divinity as the sheet anchor of personality development. Faith in God came next only to faith in oneself. If one believes that one's real nature is spirit not the body or mind, one would be a better individual with strong character.
    Positive, wholesome thoughts based on our inherent divinity are essential for a strong character. Go on doing good, thinking holy thoughts continuously, that is the only way to suppress base impressions. Character is repeated habits and repeated habits alone can reform character.
    Man is the maker of his own destiny. We are responsible for what we are and whatever we wish ourselves to be,we have the power to make ourselves.
    Upholding the ideal once again even if a person failed a thousand times.He appreciated committing mistakes and learning from them rather than leading an inert existence like a wall,which cannot even tell a lie.

By these qualities and developed personality will ensure excellence in one's chosen field ,and contribute to individual and national development.Everything that is excellent will come when this sleeping soul is roused to self conscious activity.

personality development


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