Rudraksha wearing rules

rudraksha wearing rules

Rudraksha Wearing Rules

  • All Rudraksha beads being sent are energized with proper puja and mantra. All puja offering is already done before being shipped.
  • Wear it on any auspicious day before 7 AM after bath.
  • Do not touch Rudraksha beads more with finger tips.
  • Do not exchange Rudraksha to others.
  • Do not give your Rudraksha to others for wearing.
  • Chant "Omm Namah Shivaya" 27 times before wearing. *
  • Remove mala before going to  sleep. *
  • Remove mala when taking non-veg food if possible.
  • Remove mala while doing shaving or similar work.
  • Don't keep Rudraksha on ground or on sleeping bed or below the pillow.
  • Clean Rudraksha regularly and apply some oil if required.
  • For re-energization, chant "Om Namah Shivaya" 27 or 108 times. *
  • Keep sanctity of the beads and it will work better. 


    * variations to this rule present but in special conditions.

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