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Chanakya Neeti

Chanakya Neeti

Chanakya is known for his disciplines. He is known for his rules


          Chanakya is known for his disciplines. He is known for his rules. He is known for his determination. He is a successful politician. Our old scriptures and puranas has given us many learning lessons and NITI BANI. Every sanskrit written slokas or kabyas has something to learn from. Those lessons and teaching are meant to build up the human society with supirior culture and behaviour. For the greatness of humanity many great Spiritual gods and sanths gave their Niti bani in various forms of Kabya's (scriptures). In these great Guru's Chanakya has dignified in a special place.

          Chanakya is a great Pandit that he left so many powerful lessions to us. As he was born in the caste of KUTAL he is also well known by the name of "KOUTILYA". He was the Guru & Minister of great king of Maurya " Chandragupt". Chanakya destroyed the evil kingdom of Nanda samrajya through his great mind of Rajniti.He was a master of all type of Niti's like kutaniti, rajniti, dharma niti, arthaniti. It also said that if one dumb man follows his Niti's then he can also be a master of all.


 Chanakya Neeti

In sanskrit"-

Mulasutrang Prabakhyami Chanakyon Jathoditam
jashya bigyan matrena murkhom bhabati panditaha.

          Here we tried to write 191 Sanskrit sloka’s in a specified arrangement so that you can understand and by heart the Matra’s of Chanakya.

aanityani sarirani bibhabo naaiba shaswatah
nitya sannihito mrutyuh kartabyo dharma sangrahh.

           This body is imortal. All the money and wealth are temporary. Anytime death can take you in his hand, so we should always do devotional work.

adhanaa dhanamichchhanti badamiichaanti garbitahaa
maanavaaH svargamiechhanti mokshamiechhanti devataaH

          Poor and needy always desire wealth. But egoistic always wish for fight. Human always desire heaven where as gods wish for " Mokshya".


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