Rudraksha Test : How to test rudraksha

Rudraksha Test: How to test Rudraksha

So How can we find the rudraksha to be original ? How we can use the genuine rudraksha for our use ? How can we discard fake beads from choosing ? Rudraksha is holy and the powers of it give many benefits to the wearer. It is the blessings of Lord Shiva.

How can we find the original Rudraksha?

The above question is far too many times the questions in the mind of wearer/buyer. We need to remember that testing Rudraksha is a tough job and involves a series of tests. Just one simple test can not verify that the Rudraksha bead is genuine and effective.


Testing with Milk:

milk test of rudrakshaWe can put one Rudraksha in a glass with milk in it. Then we can observer the milk after 1-2 days. The milk does not get spoiled with Rudraksha. Sometimes some good quality Rudraksha can keep milk intact for longer time.


Testing with Reiki master:

We can take Rudraksha to someone who is good in reiki and have been a regular practitioner. We can give the bead to the person to feel its power by keeping it within his palms. He can feel the power and can tell how much more vibrations that certain bead gives compared to other beads.


Testing the weight of the bead:

Many ripe beads naturally sink in water. But there are cases where the ripe beads may not sink. Now days it is seen more beads are not sinking properly within water. This may be because of early harvesting of the beads.


Copper coin:

copper coinMany tested that it works and works nice. We tested that all living beads (beads have some plant life) rotate to some extent in copper coin. It is a wrong way of testing Rudraksha and most of the times people actually sell low quality of fake Rudraksha by making tests with it.


Observance of the bead:

magnifying glassSometimes it feels much better to see the beads closer to find if it can be found fake or not. We can look at the bead closer or better with a magnifying glass to see the natural lines through the beads.


Cut test:

The cutting of the beads is ultimate way to test the beads for their genuineness. It is a difficult test. Please read more on cut test of Rudraksha.


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