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Vastu Remedy & Ganesha Rudraksha - Main Entrance Door

          The main entrance door of the house represents the karta or the image of the person living inside. It should be clean, good, beautiful. From vastu point of view the main entrance door has highest importance for positive energy and power flow to the house.

          Main entrance door is the way through which all people will come inside house. Many people or visitors people can be in bad min or may come with cruel thoughts. The visitors may have wrong thoughts towards others. If these type of people come inside then with them there comes the negative energy inside the house. There can be bad energy flow coming with them which can affect the peace and harmony energy staying inside the house.

          Proverb is there like "Shadow of tree and bad thoughts of Human". These energy can have disastrous effect on the peaceful energy flow.


Ganesha Rudraksha  - Remedy for the Main entrance door

  • Keep one ganesha rudraksha at the main entrance door outside the house.
    • Also we can keep one ganesha idol at the entrance door facing outside.
  • Keep one Ganesha rudraksha at the inside of the house.
    • Also we can keep one ganesha idol at the inside of the house.

By keeping ganesha rudraksha at the house we can have remedy for main entrance door problem.


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4/15/2012 9:57 AM
Ganesha rudraksha and memory power

I feel this rudraksha is more better for studies. Initially i was recommended to wear 4 mukhi rudraksha. Later i worn a rudraksha mala which has a ganesha bead. I was able to get more concentration and my studies were much better afterwards.
11/26/2014 12:23 PM
According to vastu direction of main entrance door should not be in south direction as it is direction of devils energy. There are more vastu remedies provided by neeta sinha to enhance positive energy in house. It will surely help you to enhance positive energy at your place.