Vastu sastra - an introduction

Introduction to Vastu 

Construction applied in Hindu architecture
Vastu means "vaasa" or "dwelling" and Sastra means "science". Vastusastra is the study of  traditional system of construction applied in Hindu architecture. Now a days it has became very popular. Everyone from reputed builder to normal people wants to make vastu compliant construction. Although it is not possible to follow 100% vastu but how much is possible it can be done . Indian vastu consultants provide services on construction and architecture on home and commercial issues.
According to Vastusastra for placing a door there are 32 possible entrances for home. However only 8 of these are good. It is wrong belief that South entrances are not good. However if the South entrances are towards the right of South i.e towards west in the zone of South-South west, it could lead poverty and debts. Avoid this at any cost
Having a bedroom in the west and north west will increase support for you and your family. All the vastu principles taken together give the architect for creating buildings that live and vibrate harmoniously with u.
Some vastu tips for home which provides peace, harmony, luck and happiness in family.
The main entrance door should always open inside and towards clock wise for positive vibration.
Living room direction should be north east of the house.
Sofa siting should be south west of the living room.
Puja room or mandir should be north east corner of the house or living room.
Cactus or thorny plants should never been grown inside house because it creates negative energy.
Keep crystal salt bowl in corner of the house it will remove negative energy.

By Himanshu Nayak

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