Cure for Incurable diseases | Vrigu sanhita

Cure for Incurable diseases | Vrigu sanhita

Many diseases are created because of imbalance in baat, pitta, and kapha proper in human body. So all diseases created because of this are able to be cured by taking medicine. But there are many diseases which are caused by karma or the Work of the person. These types of diseases cannot be cured just by taking medicine from good doctors too. These are to be cured by the use of astrological experiences.

disease cure with vrigu
Saint Vrigu was once asked by saint Bharat as “There are certain diseases which never get cured by continuous medicine. Why does this happen like this?” Saint Vrigu has clearly mentioned there that these diseases are related to individual's wrong work and should be treated with astrological way of curing.

Cough and Arthritis disease cure

- Need to make donation of cows.
- Chanting of Vishnu Sahashra Name
- Food and dress for Brahmins

If we do all above with proper care and devotion then the disease can be cured.

Batta and Pitta related disease cure

- Make one Vishnu statue (small size) and do all worshiping ( 16 rules )
- Bedding, Dress, Food to be donated to a most suitable knowledgeable Brahmin.

By doing all above this disease can be cured.

For wife and father being always disease ridden

- Durga worshiping and Maha Mrityunjaya mantra chanting.
- Donation of cows, dress along with shiva Chalisha is helpful.
- 100 Chandi puja ( sata chandi pooja ) helps to cure diseases of wife.
- Maha mrityunjaya mantra is for all such purpose and helps a lot.

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