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Sukra or Venus for Marriage      

Sukra also known as bhrugu
sukra marriage god



          Sukra is also known as bhrugu. He is the great Bhrugu rushi/Rishi. He is a great Rishi/Saint. He is also good Astrologer. Sukracharya is the janaka/creator of Astology. Bhrugu sanhita is a creation of sukracharya. he is the well wisher of Demons or Ashuras. He is regarded as venus planet in astrology. His characters reseamble to venus planet work and characteristics. One can study the life and work of Bhrugu rishi for better analysis and understanding on Venus planet work. He is very angry in nature.


Venus & Rudraksha

          Venus is for marriage and good relations. Marriage is another name for creation and love. So venus is for love and affection. Raja shakti is the Raja or power. Venus rules the power of men. He is the creator of Raja or power. He brings wisdom & health.


Marriage & Venus & 6 mukhi rudraksha

          Sukra is for making new marriage or relations. It brings power and energy. That too controlled energy which enables for better control on temper and so a better marriage. Sukra in body brings attraction. Attraction leads to better relation. 6 mukhi rudraksha represents venus. So 6 mukhi rudraksha should be used for better relationship building and also for marriage. People wanting to marry prosperously or at better or suitable parner should choose 6 mukhi rudraksha.

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