How to do japa or chanting

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Himanshu Nayak

Published: 14-7-17
Doing Japa in right way

Chanting any mantra repeatedly on the name of God is known as japa. It can be done by anyone and any time. Japa attracts the mind towards the power of divinity.It helps to have connection and vision of the supreme soul.Now a days almost people live in very busy and stressful life.Everyone is busy in his work, there is no time for yoga practice to get mental peace.


So japa is the easiest and quickest method to attain self realization and calm your mind .The mantra meditation can offer a peaceful and incredible life.


Every person has a different reason for meditating for health benefits to attaining a spiritual connection. Japa can be be perform at any time of the day but the best time is early morning 4am to 7am this is known as brahma muhurta.This is the best preferable time to feel the mystical silence of nature.There are certain rules for japa are explained in this article.


  • Take a bath before sitting for japa in the morning. At any other time bath is not necessary.
  • Sit straight in padmasana position to make mind steady and control.
  • Remember the power of divinity and chant a particular mantra repeatedly.
  • Repeat the mantra about 108 times and think the meaning of the mantra while repeating it.
  • Don't try to recite the mantra so fast or slowly, medium speed is preferable.
  • you can chant the mantras loudly or mentally doesn't matter.
  • During the japa you should feel calmness and inner peace.

After japa don't leave the place immediately. Sit silently at least 10 minutes remembering the God reflecting his love towards you.Then leave the place.Carry on your japa mentally whenever you want.

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