Pooja of Rudraksha | How to Energize Worship | Rituals

How to energize and do puja of rudaksha

How to worship and energize rudraksha

Offer Dhoop or Agarbati to rudraksha

The first process to start, it is important to make the environment beautiful with dhoop and agarbati.

Pooja of Rudraksha

Choosing an auspicous day.

  1. Monday is considered to be very auspicous day for doing puja of rudraksha.

  2. Puja / Worship of rudraksha can be done on any other suitable day also.

  3. Choose any asupicous day that the wearer feels suitable to him.

Please go through this simple process of Rituals for energizing rudraksha beads

Purifying Rudraksha bead.

  1. Wash / sprinkle pure water on rudraksha or rosary.

  2. Ganga water is also considered very auspicious and can be used here.

Applying sandalwood to rudraksha

  1. Make sandalwood paste.

  2. Apply it on Rudraksha.

  3. The sandalwood offering can be on another plate rather than directly on the rudraksha bead.

Offer Dhoop or Agarbati to rudraksha

  1.  Light one Dhoop bati.

  2. Offer Dhoop bati to Rudraksha.

Offer Carpoor to rudraksha

  1. Light Carpoor

  2. Offer Carpoor to Rudraksha

Offer flower to rudraksha

  1. Arrange some white flower or any other available.

  2. Offer flower to Rudraksha.

  3. Keep the flower on offering plate.

Touching Rudraksha to Shiva/ offering

  1. Worship to Shiva linga.

  2. Touch / Offer the Rudraksha to Shiva Linga.

Chant Omm Namah Shivaya

  1. Chant Omm Namah Shivaya 27 times.

  2. Do Pranam / give respect to Shiva.

The above process is a short way to do the Energization of Rudraksha beads. Energization of Rudraksha is seen as priority work before wearing rudraksha for the first time. This worshipping of rudraksha can be done monthly basis to keep the power of rudraksha up and active. 

How to Energize Rudraksha ?

Follow the above simple process for Energizing rudraksha beads. The above puja can be elaborated and done in broader way. Here we have described only the simple and short way to do the puja yourself.

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6/13/2012 6:07 PM
I would like to mention another important point to remember for the wearer of the malas.

- Please chant "Shiva Panchakshari mantra" daily minimum 27 times.

If we make this as an habit, the rosary works as if it is worn today.