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How to know rudrakshas are real and not fake rudraksha ?

12 years ago
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Namaste, I am seeking some more information. I would like to understand how to know the rudrakshas are real. How to know that the rudrakshas are fake ? I understand that there can be fake rudrakshas and it is valid question.

I also want to know how to energize the beads. I do not have any hindu temples near to my residence. How will i energize the beads.


12 years ago
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Rudraksha needs to be tested with a series of simple tests.

It is not that easy to find the originality with simple one step.

1-  We need to see the appearance difference in the rudraksha bead
2-  Copper coin test - Not practically feasible to test
3-  The weight/density testing of the rudraksha bead.
4 - Testing with milk.
5 - Cut test for the bead

some of the tests take more time. some will be easy.

If we practice Reiki then it is very very easy to test the rudraksha bead.

If you are having doubts still after making different tests, then it is better to bring/consult one reiki practitioner to test the bead for it's power.
12 years ago
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Rudraksha needs to be tested before buying it.

I had gone through many documents to understand all the tests to be performed for confirming the trust with the bead quality.

But i find that most of the tests are over described and not suitable for testing.

You can read more on [url=/rudraksha-test-how-to-test-rudraksha]rudraksha testing[/url] by following the document link.

Hope it helps you for testing and getting the real rudraksha.

Om Namah Shivaya
4 years ago
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Tragically, no. There are no authoritative tests to test the legitimacy of a Rudraksha aside from the perceiving eye of a specialist. When taking a gander at the globule cautiously, you'll find different profound burrowed lines isolating the different essences of the Rudraksha dot. Unexpectedly, people have known to utilize their 'extraordinary expertise' and attempt to 'cut' lines into the Rudraksha or 'wipe' them off, so as to change the appearances or 'Mukhis' of the globule... for example 'modify' it as indicated by their requests. It is very hard to tell a certifiable and a deceptive Rudraksha separated, yet the observing eye of a specialist can detect these 'manual mediations' and proclaim whether the Rudraksha has been messed with.
4 years ago
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authentic Rudraksha :

The scores or the bulges on the outside of the Rudraksha can't be customary. There must be a feeling of inconsistency to them. On the off chance that they all fall in one example, at that point more then likely it has been messed with. It may not be a Rudraksha by any means. It could be a bit of wood or a wild dab on which this example has been hand cut.

The Mukhas ( faces ) of the Rudraksha ought to seem like the human lips. outwardly they should spread out. These mukhas which make a line from the head to the tail of a Rudraksha would not be an ideal line in a large portion of the cases. if there should be an occurrence of a various mukhi dot on the off chance that all the mukhas are impeccable straight lines, at that point in all likeliness it has been altered. A sharp blade is numerous multiple times used to cut out these mukh's.

Never under any circumstance purchase Rudrakshas which have Serpants, Shivalings, Aumkar's ,and so on it.

Other than the new assortment of Hybreed Rudraksha's arriving of behind schedule from Indonesia one would not get Rudraksha's of more than 35 mm effectively. On the off chance that the globule is over that estimate, at that point one should be super cautious.

It is essentially experience which is the best educator. On the off chance that you approach a legitimate Microscope, at that point begin taking a gander at Rudrkasha's beneath them. You will get an ideal touch and feel of what a legitimate Rudrkasha resembles and accordingly you will most likely imprint out a phony one effortlessly.

I trust I have in this fairly short answer attempted as far as I could possibly know and comprehension helped you with a couple of tips on the workmanship and investigation of attempting to distinguish a genuine Rudraksha