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energize rudraksha beads meaning

12 years ago
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I was going though few documents on ommrudraksha website. I found that there are written like "Energized rudraksha beads".

I had searched on Google and was not able to clearly understand the energize thing.

What is the energize process.
12 years ago
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Rudraksha beads will not bring any negative effect on the wearer.

Energize is definitely a good work. It should be limited to personal worshiping and prayer before wearing the beads.

It should not be related to fancy ways which can charge money for the process.

Definitely if someone is not having time to do such work of prayer then he can pay somebody to do it.

You can directly go to the temple and talk with the priest there to do the necessary energize of the beads.

Otherwise you can also do the energize of beads yourself.

For personal way of energize beads please follow the link titled "[url=/howtoenergizerudrakshamala]Rudraksha Energize[/url]"

12 years ago
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The primary concern with the beads is that - Buy it from good and authorized stores having good will.

The good powerful beads will definitely affect positively to your life.

I always stress that the beads should be energized by the seller .

And also be particular that - the beads should be energized individually for each customer.

As the sellers know better and they have arrangement, it is better for them to do the initial work.

After buying, customer can do his extra energize process on interest.
6 years ago
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If we are chanting om Namah Shivaya while wearing the beads, the power of the beads increases. Chanting before wearing beads cleans our debts and brings fortune after wearing the beads.
5 years ago
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There are various ways of Energizing the Rudraksha.

Using Mantra.
Upon a Yantra.
worshiping it in a Temple.
Some say by making / wearing it on No moon day.
Some say by making / wearing it on Full moon day.
Some say "A Guru can energize with his own energies"
Depending upon the kind of Energizing the Rudraksha, it will have that kind of Energy in it.