Benefits of spathik mala

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Benefits of wearing Spathik Mala

By Diptimayee Parida | Bangalore July 7, 2017

Spathik gemstone cools the human body and mind.The sphatik mala can be worn in different forms such as necklace, bracelet and pendent or in the form of jewelry.

For Good luck

These crystals are also used for getting good luck and blessings from  divine power.Now a days spatik pyramids are used which ,has a unique energy flaw which maintains optimism,energy and good life balance. Spathik gemstones are found in various parts of India, srilanka and Africa.before using any crystals it is recommended that it should be dip in raw milk or honey or purify water  overnight and get energies in direct sunlight. It can  also be used as japa mala for meditation or mantra chanting.

Used for puja of Lakshmi

It helps to cool down the body heat.If someone has been suffering from  insomnia,it is the best way to get sound and undisturbed sleep by wearing it. Spatik mala is mostly used to perform puja of Lakshmi, Saraswati, ganapati and Rama.Anybody can wear a spathik mala to get positive energy  and concentration.As it has no side effects it can also be worn with any gemstones.

Spathik is a gemstone

Spathik gemstone is also known as quartz crystals. As it possess the property of clarity, it helps to removes negative energy. It purifies the body both mentally and physically. It is also helpful in balancing good relationship. It is best for all purpose healer. Mala made from spathik crystals beads are worn regularly. It can be kept at open area for recharging, after wearing continuously for 8 hours.


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