Mesha Lagna | Food Precaution | People with aries lagna in birth chart

ForAries to have food precaution      

These people need food which can give energy

Food & Lagna

          What food we take is used for generating energy within the body. But the food that we take should be well digested within belly properly. Without proper digestion of the food items with belly, there starts air, constipation etc.

Disease within belly, brings and starts diseases with mind or psychologically.

           The lagna in a birth chart defines the body of the person. So if the choice of food is made based on the quality and type of the body, then there are better chances of keeping ourselves healthy. At least there will be less diseases in future and can keep the body disease free.

Food for people born on Mesha Lagna ( Precaution on food for aries lagna )

           This rashi is influenced by the fire power or energy. These people are always busy and are seem to be liked to be in some work always. So these people do more physical work. So these people need more physical energy. These people like to work the whole day, and they do all hard work to bring progress, improvements with themselves.

          These people need food which can give energy to the mind and the muscles. Food with more vitamins, Mineral rich food like carrot, cucumber, Radish, fruit, milk, curd, fish etc food are more required. They should eat food more during the day time, and that too punctually. But they should not eat hot,spicy food during night. They should take less food during night, then should take sufficient water, then should take rest after few minutes. Then only these people can get good sleep & complete rest. These people should take more water during the day.


Most required precuation on food for Mesha Lagna people.


          They should take more water. Water should be sufficient during the day time. These people can wear 1 mukhi rudraksha along with 5 mukhi rudraksha to keep their body fit and healthy.


more water





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