Impact of Rudrakshas on human chakras

Rudraksha for chakra awakening

By Diptimayee parida | bangalore August 8, 2017

Chakras are the most important part of the body. These are the energy centers present in our body. It is attached with the physical and mental health of human body. So it is very necessary to balance the seven chakras of human body.

Human chakras


There are various therapies available for chakra balancing through meditation, yoga, reiki therapy etc. But it is very difficult to do. But rudraksha beads hold very high spiritual and medicinal values. It is very loveable to lord Shiva. So rudraksha plays a vital role in balancing the negative vibes of the body. Rudraksha is the easiest therapy for chakra awakening and balancing. It controls the seven chakras and each chakra controls different organs of the body.

The number of mukhis on the surface of the rudraksha bead helps in determining its properties.They is available from one mukhi to twenty one mukhi. From the ancient times rudraksha beads are used for open up the blocked chakras, curing diseases. Rudraksha work on the blocked chakras very quickly. Once anyone starts wearing the right rudraksha, they are experiencing positive effects in 10 to 15 days. It helps to increase the aura of a person. They cost a little more than the crystals but effects are more manifold.

Rudraksha don’t give any negative result to the wearer, so anyone should wear rudraksha bead for their physical and emotional health. There are different rudraksha beads are available for our seven chakras.

1-Muladhara chakra: 6 mukhi, 8 mukhi and 14 mukhi
2-Swadhisthana chakra: 2 mukhi, 10 mukhi, 13 mukhi and 16 mukhi
3-Manipura chakra: 3 mukhi, 7 mukhi, 12 mukhi
4-Anahata chakra: 15 mukhi
5-Vishuddha chakra: 5 mukhi, 11 mukhi
6-Ajna chakra: 1 mukhi,19 mukhi
7-Sahasrara chakra: 9 mukhi


Rudraksha beads
The rudraksha beads may be worn as necklace, bracelet or on waist. Hence by meditation along with representation of rudraksha balance or awaken the blocked chakra instantly.
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