The sacred thread ceremony

The sacred thread in hinduism

By Diptimayee parida | bangalore August 7, 2017

It is very necessary to wear the sacred thread in Brahmin and Kshatriya boys. Wearing sacred thread is one of the most important rituals for Hindus. This ceremony is called the “Upanayanam”. This is considered as an essential sanskar of childhood. The upanayana sanskar takes place around a seven years child’s life. The child is initiated into the study of sadhana and vedas. At the function he receives the sacred thread (jenoi), which worn for his entire life.


The sacred thread is a thin cord, composed of three cotton strands. The strands symbolizes three trinity of goddess. This signifies that the person becomes complete only with the help of these threes divines of strength, wealth and knowledge. But it has some rules to wear the sacred thread. If a unmarried person wants to wear, he should wear one thread, a married man should two thread and a married man has child should wear three thread sacred.

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The main significance of upanayanam also stands for purity of words, thoughts and deeds of the wearer. So he becomes qualified to lead the life of brahmachari according to the manusmriti. This is also represents the debt that is owned to the guru, parents and society. Hence in Hinduism it marks as the beginning of education for the child.

Upanayana may be considered as third eye of knowledge. Yogic may call it as ajna chakra; by this the Brahmins open their third eye chakra for spiritual knowledge, which helps him to recite the Vedas correctly.


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