Venus Sukra in Indian Mythology

Venus in Astrology and mythology          

Venus Sukra in Indian Mythology

venus in indian mythology

Venus is positioned second to sun in the series of planets from sun. Venus orbits sun in 224.7 Earth days. It is also the brightest natural object in the sky after moon.

Venus is also known as Sukra. The meaning of Sukra is very white. Another meaning of Sukra is "Semen". As per astrology, venus rules over Taurus and Libra in kundali houses.

As per the old stories or Indian mythological stories, Venus is the son of Rishi Vrigu. Astrology was very well known to father of Sukra and so well to sukra himself. Sukra chosen to be guru (master) for Asuras ( Demons). He prayed to Lord Shiva and got knowledge of recreation or giving life in objects. After than Venus was able to give life to the Asuras who were dead in battles. With the non dying Demons, the fighting Devatas got impatient and planned a trick. They sent Kaca to be student of Sukra. Kaca is the son of Jupiter, the lord of Devatas. Sukra's daughter Devayani liked kaca.The demons after knowing all about the trick killed Kaca. Devayani requested father and Kaca was alive again with the mantra power of Venus.Demon kills again and the story continues to make Kaca alive. The demons killed kaka and grind and given to Venus as a drink after mixing with wine. Devayani this time requests father and Venus gives life to Kaca without knowing his existence. Now Kaca is alive in Jupiter's stomach and is ready to come out. Venus now told the way to give life to Kaca and died so that he can be again given life.

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4/7/2012 9:31 AM
Venus is a rishi or saint. He wears white and likes clean white. Venus is famous as the guru for demons or rakshashas.