Astrologica Significance of 12 faced rudraksha

twelve mukhi rudraksha

The ruling planet of Twelve mukhi rudraksha is the Sun or Surya. The 12-faced Rudraksha is itself Lord Shiva and it is the rarest and the most important among all the varieties of Rudrakshas. This Rudraksha enlightens the person of the supreme deity. It makes wearer aware of consciousness and pure knowledge. Barah faced Rudraksha is thesymbol of the supreme God. This is the best among all the Rudrakshas. Wearer of Twelve mukhi rudraksha obtains all the worldly pleasures during his life span but also remains unaffected. Astrologically they are said to ease malefic effects of the Sun. Ek mukhi rudraksha has the the power to cure physical ailments like Head ache, ear ailments, Bowel problems, Bone weakness etc and also spiritual ailments such as lack of Confidence, Charisma, Personal power,leadership qualities and Prosperity. The Twelve Faced Rudraksha can be cappedin Gold or Silver and worn round the neck or be placed at the worshiping place. Beej mantra of twelve mukhi rudraksha is OM NAMAH SHIVAYA. The auspicious day for wearing this Rudraksha is Monday.

Written by Rashmita Nayak

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4/17/2012 2:21 PM
Barah mukhi should be worn for rabi. As per the shastras, Rabi gives everything in life. So wearing 12 mukhi rudraksha is like wearing a one mukhi genuine rudraksha.