Rudraksha cut test

Cut testing of rudraksha

What we get from cut test of rudraksha bead

          We have previously discussed on different ways to test rudraksha bead. The issue for testing rudraksha bead is to ascertain the genuineness of the bead. The identification of genuine rudraksha is not that much complicated. But testing it is bit tough. There is no need for making any expensive tests for such. We can find many simple tests for ascertaining it. In the following paragraph we will be describing about cut test of rudraksha bead. Cut test is a sure experiment which gives perfect certainty.


cut test rudraksha


          In cases, where we have doubts on the results from other rudraksha genuine test, then we can make this cut test. This is destructive test. We can cut the bead and test as below.

  • The number of lines or faces on the beads, that many grooves exist ( see the above image )
  • The number of seeds are equal to the number of grooves. One seed in each groove.
  • The compartment inside each groove may not contain any seed at times. This is because - the seed may not have grown up or not matured bead.
  • There may be cases where there will be two seeds being fused with each other. This happens in cases of higher mukhi beads.
  • Count the inner compartments with care. There may be additional effort needed from simple visual testing.

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