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Mithuna lagna food precaution          

Gemini Lagna chart
food precaution for mithuna lagna - gemini lagna people

Mithuna Lagna in birth chart people should have food Precaution for better life which can lead to better life and mind. Below we are describing about gemini lagna people and their food precaution and rudraksha wearing advice.

People wiht mithuna lagna or Gemini Lagna in birth chart

          These people are seen to be always in thoughts and also are busy with ever changing life tensions. They are in constant tensions more than required and expected. And that too they are in many problems in life. These people are seen doing more physical work.

Diseases for mithuna lagna people ( gemini lagna )

          Because of all these characters of these people, they are affected by their digestion process.

Food advice for Gemini lagna peoplegemini

          They need those food which can give energy for physical and mental requirements. Food with more vitamins are preferred. Milk, cheese, fruit & vegetables etc can be taken more. With need, they can take fish or meat.

  • Take food in time.
  • Take less/ very less food during night (dinner).
  • Food should be taken atleast 2 hours before sleep ( taking bed at night ).

        These will give good digestion, problems with sleeping can be cured, and that too can take next day's work with full energy. This leads to their good health and fitness.

Rudraksha advice for these people

Wear 4 mukhi rudraksha for all round happiness and health.4 mukhi rudraksha

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1/16/2012 8:11 PM
So taking proper timing for food will be a helpful situation here. I too had read and heard from my mother that "Anyone who takes food in time and sleeps in time then he will have the minimum diseases".