4 mukhi rudraksha

Enhanced Speaking power, good memory power, Intelligence is increased. Concentration and Memory is achieved immediately.
74.99 (INR)

Importance of 4 mukhi rudraksha

The god Brahma represent 4 mukhi rudraksha. Wavering mind is calmed down. Intelligence of wearer is increased noticeably. Speaking power is increased it's power. Animal killing sin is removed. Name and fame grows in 4 directions. Widely used for children for their memory and concentration power. Char face is owned by Brihaspati. Knowledge and creativity becomes power of the wearer. Vocal power and intelligence is multi folded.

Size: 20 mm - 22 mm


Diseases cured by 4 mukhi rudraksha

Loss of memory, epilepsy are cured. Mental diseases are benefited. paralysis/gall bladder diseases are eliminated. Controls mental stress.
All disorders related to mind is cured. Concentration is achieved. Rudraksha crown is made with this bead (550 numbered beads). For cure of memory loss or any mental disorder boil with milk for 15 min and then consume. ENT problem, paralysis, sexual diseases are cured. Memory loss is avoided with use of this bead.
Hand/arm/lung/thyroid/gall bladder diseases are benefited. Adrenal and heart area of the body are controlled.


Who should wear four mukhi rudraksha

students teachers etc. people who are using their mind more. To get concentration, success in studies. Helpful for research related job/assignment/work.


Astrological view

Removes malefic of Mercury/Jupiter.(Goddess Saraswati). Effect of Mercury - dullness of mind, lack of grasping/understanding power, difficulty in effective communication, logical/structural thinking.